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Happy Friday!
(I know they are early, but I had so many links to share with you, just couldn't wait to do so)

And now you know!

Yes, check the food box!

Quest has "protein chips" out now.
Have you seen them? They are pretty good. Plain not so much, but the cheddar-sour cream is
good.  I love that they have no gluten and very low carbs.
More info visit questnutrition.com

Ready to jump in?

Saw this gorgeous, nautical console at Jordans Furniture.  I love it!

Remember in my last friday links I told you about this guy?
He is still coming to my window every night!
Should I feed him?  lol

So I went to Five Guys. Man their burgers & fries are good!

Duncan Hines new fall flavors are out!
I'm excited to try the caramel apple cupcake. They have a recipe for a whoopie pie version of
these cupcakes--I will post soon!

The rare find that is the chocolate-butternut donut!
Of course I have to photograph and share!

The wild Maine blueberries are finally making their way into grocery stores.
These blueberries make the best pies...ever!

My tater tot enjoying his head massage.

around the web:

headache relief without drugs
6 things never to buy from Trader Joe's? (not happy with this list)
homemade ding dongs!
buffalo cauliflower bites (these look good!)
how colon damage occurs & how to cleanse it
eating more fish improves memory
heirloom tomato tart
health benefits & importance of beets
the best neck stretches
lidia's italy: boston cream cake!
many benefits of lemon water
cricket flour as the best protein you could eat?
the advantages of dyslexia 
chocolate-powdered sugar donut holes
harvesting, curing & storing garlic
quick & easy homemade fruit picker (do I have any farmers here?)
why do women do this to their eyebrows?
this is where I will be ALL WINTER staying Four Seasons Bora Bora (got $3K I can borrow?)
what to do when you're dead
5 ways to stop being a worry-wart!
chocolate-buttermilk pie & buttermilk pie
clearly this dog does not like mornings (so human-like)
homemade salt water taffy
frozen yogurt bites! (love this)
chocolate chip cookie dough bites (skinny version)
how to check for skin cancer
better food the prescription for healthier america? (yes!)
man leaves job & city to live out of a van 
5 health benefits of ginger
extreme weight loss on ABC, come find out what Heidi teaches everyone about "the promise"
mediterranean tomato tart
homemade peach ice cream
the perfect butter knife is here!
a tropical fruit that tastes just like chocolate pudding?
recent recalls on nut butters
lemon-coconut gooey butter bars
peaches & cream bars
20 GENIUS college hacks (love these!)
lexi the one-eyed pitbull leaves a legacy of love
BBQ tofu fries
salted caramel ice cream pie with pretzel crust
food storage tips: what not to refrigerate
brownie pretzel pie
hairdresser spends weekends giving ego-boosting transformations
muscle soreness explained
homemade fresh corn soup
how to do textured paint on concrete
Hershey candy corn bars are hitting the shelves!
why you should eat lemons
farmer's almanac predictions for winter are out!
pina colada popsicles (vegan)
simple fudge recipe
DIY door stoppers
donatella versace does the ice bucket challenge (brace yourself)
best way to hand wash a bra
breakfast has little impact on weight loss (hmm, not sure about that)
coffee & milk ice cubes
foods scientifically proven to kill cancer
human water catapult! (LOVE this video!)
Soprano's creator finally reveals whether or not Tony dies
united sweets of America map!
progress against ALS
how to make baked eggs (love this)
a vet locked himself in hot car for 30 minutes--what every animal owner should see
saigon-cinnamon chocolate pops
DIY chalkboard an old window
deep fried tequila shots
coconut cream pie bars
caramel apple Oreo cookie pops (LOVE!)
meet the new cast of Survivor!
I love old photos & video's of historic Cape Cod, here is one of the Sagamore Bridge back in
1927. See how many cars are on the bridge waiting to cross: one!


Have a wonderful, restful holiday weekend!


  1. You know I love these posts! Making those cauliflower bites and sadly checking out the 6 things not to buy from TJs....

  2. Great collection. Can you tell me there the "Ready to jump in?" photo was taken? Looks like a must visit place :)

    Have a nice weekend.
    Maya S.

  3. Now that trader joes is finally opening here, the list was interesting. Whole Foods produce is excellent....at least in my area. Good Friday links...I clicked on most of them.

  4. yay thank you! your friday links are awesome!

  5. I don't buy nearly as much at Trader Joe's as I used to. They have a pretty fair amount of recalls and it makes me wonder.

    I am definitely a worry wart but I don't think those tips are gonna cure me. Lol!

    Oh and those peaches and cream bars. Yum! But the California peaches have already turned into Idaho ones. Say it isn't so.


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