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Happy Friday all!

The traffic on the cape has been rough.
July 4th was really backed up--both ways on the bridges.
I was lucky enough to be stuck in it one day.  I think a lot of people came to the cape for the July 4th holiday.
If you plan on coming to the cape July 18-20, come to the Greek Festival. So much fun!
More info here at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Centerville
If any of you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize this nightmare photo.
I always keep a water bottle on my bedside table, and normally with the cap off since I'm
half asleep in the middle of the night to drink it.
Well leaving the cap off makes spiders feel more than welcome to come in and have a sip.
Always leave the cap on!
If you're in or on the water a lot, this is handy to know.
Marine Disentanglement Hotline
Summer has been beautiful hasn't it?
I always love to look up and wonder where is that plane going or that one?
Do you?
Rescued this little guy last week.  A baby morning dove.
Couldn't find his momma or nest, so I brought him to the Cape Wildlife Center
Happy to report he's doing fine, eating well and has zero injuries.
Thank you so much Cape Wildlife Center for taking him in.
Been to the beach a couple times; the water is perfect.
(bass river, cape cod)
Got to witness a couple friends jump out of a perfectly good airplane at the cape cod airfield in Marstons Mills, Cape Cod.
I am "almost" ready to do this myself.
Would you?
I'm dying to do the biplane rides.
my banana bread balls have been the most D/L recipe for the last two weeks.
have you made them?
are people craving banana bread balls?

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Spider = scary
    I am not jumping out of a plane, George Bush or not. Have ridden in a biplane though.
    Put some of the books in your link on my summer reading list. (Is NPR not doing this anymore? Can't find their list.)
    Could have used smart luggage last Christmas...daughter's bag lost for 1 1/2 weeks!
    Dr. wants me to have flu vaccine every year. Oh well.
    Made bubble tea for the blog several years ago....had to buy big straws! LOL
    Middle son had vasectomy. Don't think I will forward this to him.
    I will not be giving restaurant reviews again...good or bad. What is up with that?

  2. yeah, That Spider Thing Freaked ME out! I'm a lid on girl though and I don't drink overnight because I'd prefer not to be up every five minutes if you know what I mean. Scary about the flu shot too but this germaphobe is not giving it up.

  3. I like your post. The photos are really nice and beautiful. wine


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