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Happy Friday kids!

It's good, strong but good. Add a little bit of whole milk and ice and you're good to go.
By now you know the cape finally got it's own Whole Foods, and the sushi offerings there are so good.
Here is the spicy shrimp crunch roll. So good.
Have you made my one-bowl brownies?
They are quite popular, one of the most downloaded recipes so far.
In case you haven't tried this.....you simply must.
The tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and the beach was empty; they cleared out fast.
The cape traffic was so bad, that on Monday morning by 10am there was already traffic backed up and well past exit 5 on Route 6.  That's bad. Normally it doesn't start till after 12pm and only goes to about Exit 3.  I can only imagine what Route 6A was like (one lane roads).
The sun is very strong in May, you might not feel it since it's cooler, but the rays are very strong.
Make sure to wear a good & safe sunscreen.  I love Badger brand because it's all natural.
Not greasy either.
I am obsessed in love with the strawberry shortcake at Whole Foods.
Their poundcake is to die for good--must recreate!
This is going to be a long and fattening yummy summer.

around the web:

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mind blowing illusions!
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a tiny 'heart-shaped' island
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caramel-maple mud cupcakes w/ fudge frosting!
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what is gelatin and do we need?
churro-cheesecake bites
pistachios: could help avoid diabetes
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natural sunscreen: foods that help protect you from the sun
surprising effects drinking hot water & lemon had on me
foods you can eat well past their expiration date
more good news about eating yogurt
5 things you can do today to help you sleep better
wonderful interview with david lebovitz from ATK
taco salad with paleo catalina dressing
pb cup icebox cake
brownie & oatmeal monster cookies
I love this: ballet dancers talk about their most challenging moves
24 hours of HAPPY! Yes Yes Yes!

and with that last one....have a wonderful HAPPY weekend!


  1. Checking out the breast cancer, how much fat to eat and early signs of osteoporosis! Great links!! And that strawberry shortcake is getting me!!

  2. I love the song Happy. It makes me well happy. I watch the video when I'm on the elliptical too. I just broke out my cherry litter for the first time this year. So easy to use and so worth the effort.

  3. Friday links:
    Really hope that article is right re probiotics. Although I've been taking it for years...it's one of those things: if I stopped taking it what would happen?
    Love the little apricot cakes. How cute!
    Saw Lisa's animal crackers. Love them.
    Love the what's going on here photos... The cat in the shower made me laugh out loud.
    It's funny about the sleep thing. I ALWAYS have the TV on when I go to bed. Puts me right out. Really hard when I'm traveling with someone and can't have it on.
    The first "Happy" I ever saw was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuVo512fsU&feature=kp
    We go to Turks and Caicos every August!

  4. Another great list, Dawn! Now if only I could pit the cherries while my eyelid is twitching!

  5. sorry about the traffic so lucky here with hardy any

  6. Gonna have to look for that sunscreen...i can never find one that isn't greasy! Love your list as usual, esp the optical illusions :)


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