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happy friday!

Have leftover Cadbury or Reese's Eggs?
Stuff 'em into brownies or cookie cups.
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With the arrival of spring, so comes my salad cravings.
Leftover falafel, feta, tomatoes, avocado and spinach.

More avocado cravings lately...

Quite possibly the thinest chocolate chip cookies I've ever made.
Recipe here.
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What cookbook I'm loving right now...Taco Revolution.  Literally your everything taco craving in one cookbook!  Everything from creative taco's with leftovers, fish, beef, chicken, waffle, potato taco, thanksgiving taco, vegetarian and so much more!  Included are also sides, sauces and seasonings to use.
In photo: cheeseburger taco, rueben taco and chicken tikka taco.
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We've been blessed with lots of sun lately, a bit cooler than what spring should be, but hey, no blizzards, no snow--I'll take it!
Ice cream season has started!

around the web:

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DIY homemade jelly beans with peanut butter
'love ever after' a series by lauren fleishman
honey badger houdini
how smell sticks to your memories
wonderful baking conversions chart (bookmark this!)
haagen-dazs unleashes vegetable flavored ice cream in japan
mexican corn on the cob
10 things to make with rhubarb
DIY marzipan veggies (excellent tutorial)
best travel cameras
where the Boston Marathon awards are made (that's my friend Iain in video)
rice good for your daily diet?
7 things you had no idea gut bacteria could do
how to sew a petticoat
gluten free tart crust recipe
blood of world's oldest woman holds clue for life limit
all day eating for a good nights sleep
countries with the longest life expectancy
pet treats with heavy metals & toxins
asparagus, basil & cream cheese tart
sneaky names for MSG
woman wakes up during simple operation (I can't even imagine how terrifying this is)
thai iced tea
4 skin care ingredients to avoid
top 6 alkaline foods to eat everyday for health
earth cake filled with candy rocks
Roll Recovery!  Please send! The best invention for sore/tight muscles, dying to try this!
ADHD: scientists discover brain's anti-distraction system
DIY vellum 'thank you' bag
how to make italian sodas
foods that are great for natural weight loss
DIY rosemary-lavender bath salts
how to tailor a skirt
excellent tips for making perfectly shaped cake balls
how to make flavor extracts
banh mi pizza!
melon granitas!
Gabi attempts the world record for longest held plank

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love your Friday Links ---and yay for ice cream season!

  2. Vegetable ice cream?! I dunno about that. Your ice cream sounds/looks much better ;) HAPPY FRIDAY!

  3. My Cadbury loving family would love those! I've been craving avocado lately too and now I also have a huge craving for a waffle cone filled with ice cream!

  4. I am thinking of eating my Easter chocolate as is because I don't know if I'll have enough patience to wait and bake with it. I'll try though. :)

  5. My avocado addiction knows no bounds. I can barely go a day without one. The weather is nicer here too, but I'd really appreciate if it was actually nice out instead of just better than winter.


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