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Happy Friday kids!

Was asked to give the Quest Protein Bars a go.
Very skeptical at first to agree to this as I am not a fan of protein bars because of the crap & chemicals
they have.  But Quest does NOT have crap in them, in fact, they are pretty darn good, and not filled with junk.  Clean eating, tastes like candy--wait till you try the peanut butter cups!
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Chocolate chip cookie dough tastes EXACTLY like cookie dough without the guilt.
Can't tell you how many of these I've already eaten. And I have to hide my cookie dough stash from my hubby!
Seriously you have to give these a go.
Start with the cookie dough and cookies & cream, and grab a pack of the pb cups.
The next time you're craving pb cups, try eating these; I PROMISE it will take away the craving for
the unhealthy version of pb cups. Definitely clean eating, go see for yourself!
Find Quest on Facebook for giveaways & sample demo's in your town!
#CheatClean with Quest!
Who has tried Wen?  Love or hate?
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I am in LOVE with this book What Remains by Carole Radziwill.
I promise you will read this in 1-2 days--it's that beautiful; tragic, but bittersweetly-beautiful.
And since we're on books to buy?
Please do yourself a favor and pick up this cake-gem, masterpiece: Say It With Cake by Edd Kimber.
You might recognize Edd from his food blog: the boy who bakes.
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Want to know how much I LOVE this cookbook?
Edd's publisher or agent--someone, had sent me an email asking if I'd like a copy.
I opened and read said email right smack during a blizzard here on cape cod, as soon as I started to reply "YES, please, YES, send me a copy!" my power went out. When the power came back on hours later, what was the first thing I did?  Yes, indeed, look for that email and finish responding. But guess what?  Email got eaten up by the blizzard!  Could not find a copy anywhere (and trust me I looked!).
So I set off on a venture to find out who sent this to me, and ended up looking like a crazed-woman (which I can be, no, yes?) to message Edd and explain my crazy story.  Thankfully Edd was a true gentleman, understood, and had the person email me again.
So Edd, thank you--I am so smitten with your cookbook.
I will be making one of his cakes soon to share with you...probably the smores cake.
(in the above photo: chocolate-ginger tarts, smores cake & red velvet cheesecake!)
You need this cookbook, no trust me you do.  Say It With Cake

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have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Right? The Cookie dough quest is amazing! Can't wait to see the cake you make!!

  2. Quest bars are my absolute favorite!

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. love reading your friday blogs. I am not sure about the protein bars. I don't like to chew things that look mushy. Are they mushy? Is the cake book just on line or can we purchase it in the store? I think the red velvet cake is a must - I also have to back for a jazz night - I may need some new recipes. xoxox

  4. I made homemade cadbury creme eggs and loved them. I actually used that recipe. My mom tried Wen and couldn't get used to it. When it's on QVC and I watch I always want to try it but I know I won't like it. It's like shampooing with conditioner. And the steps to do it properly are intense.

  5. Phone soap?!
    Love your Friday Links - I always learn something!

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