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It's been absolutely lovely outside here on cape cod. Our weather is finally turning around for the
better, and I'm making sure to witness it all.
corporation beach, dennis, ma
chatham, ma
chatham, ma
chatham, ma
Quite possibly the best sign of spring after a long, cold, hard winter.
Do you like corn dogs?
How about cheesy baked corn dogs?
Best way to use up those last two apples sitting in the fridge.
Apple-cheddar muffins.
Want to make your own pb eggs for Easter?
coco truffles 2 4-7-2009 4-43-55 PM 1200x1600
Or maybe a homemade coconut egg is more your style?
Or maybe a homemade version of a Nestle Crunch bar? (chemical free)

around the web:

watermelon for sore muscles?
3 easy stretches to start your morning
why do women do this to their eyebrows?
5 second rule on bacteria
clarissa wright of two fat ladies has died (I loved her)
James Beard nominees--congrats all!
henry miller 11 commandments on writing
why you should never quit exercising
bacon, egg & cheese french toast
13 hidden Google tricks
brother loses basketball bet and has to dance in public for 30 minutes (HILARIOUS!)
these gross things are harmless
cinnamon roll sandwich!
what happens to your body when you exercise
sitting around really does give you a bigger bum
thank your gut bacteria for making chocolate good for you
fragmented sleep accelerates cancer growth
oh what I wouldn't give for a josh early easter egg!
fig keplers (like a fig newton but better)
whole grains, fiber & colon cancer
major study exonerates saturated fat
12 hours: travel guides for people like you
20-year old hunter thompson's advice on how to find your purpose
side by side photos of how animals see the world differently than us
a reason NOT to keep hazardous chemicals under the sink (please watch)
bottlenose dolphin gets a nice little rescue from a friend (dolphins are so smart)
genetic link between fried foods & obesity?
7 smart ways to deal with toxic people
DIY salted caramel spread

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I totally want to try making your PB eggs this year! And I'm going to check out the google tricks and the dancing video :) Gah- I can never get enough of your Friday links posts :)

  2. salted caramel spread? woah.

  3. Look at those gorgeous photos! Spring can't be far away.

  4. I may be coming to the Cape in May!!!

  5. That flower is so pretty! We still need spring to come around here. Like soon!


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