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Happy Friday!

It's Pi day.  Did you make a pie?
Do you want to make a pie?
Let me entice you with a few of my favorites....
raspberry & cheddar hand pies
Raspberry-cheddar hand pies. The pie crust is very easy and adaptable to pie or hand pies or pop
Or maybe a savory beef & cheddar hand pies?
blueberry-strawberry pie w/ toasted coconut
A list of pies wouldn't be complete without a blueberry pie in there.
This one is blueberry-toasted coconut pie.
salty apple-caramel pie
Salty caramel-apple pie
Someone was trying to help me eat my lunch.
He got really close.
Pretty cool to see them this close.
Here on cape cod, after we shovel out the snow, we shovel out the sand.
This flag has made it through the winter.
Last winter, the flag left early, and last winter was not as long and rough as this one, so I'm
curious how this flag has made it this long.
These harbors have been quiet; hard to think that a couple months from now all this
'ghost-town'-ness will be busy again.
I almost went in. When I took this shot, it was a freak-weather kind of day with 53 degrees out
and sunny. But the ocean temp is 34-36 degrees!
This is how I want my cupboards to look (photo from latest King Arthur Flour catalog)

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ow- I'll take the coconut/blueberry please! Love your pics. Going to check out the crappy engagement photos and the brown bag ideas (I'm always looking for ideas for J's lunches)

  2. I want that blueberry coconut pie! That flag must be special since it survived this winter.

  3. Yoga for back pain-we'll give that to my mother. And after the week with her, I have a thousand reasons to get a massage. Then I'll have a piece of bay leaf pound cake, too! And tomorrow I can finally go home! Love those seagulls!

  4. good thing i have a massage booked for tomorrow :) you've made some killer pies! seeing as i have some homemade raspberry jam in my fridge right now those handpies with cheddar are especially calling my name!


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