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happy friday kids!

In an effort to clean out my cupboards, I'm trying to use up old cake mixes, bread mixes, etc...
Found an old Trader Joe's banana bread that on the first try I wasn't so happy with,
but on the second try I added a few things in to 'kick it up', and it came out much better.
Added in these 'add in's you see in the photo:
couple dashes of eggnog, ripe banana, handful or two of white chocolate chips,
and some spicy pecans.
(yes I have eggnog in the fridge still, I love a little with my morning espresso).
TJ banana bread 1
Fell in LOVE with this muffin mix.
It's really good. I found it at Whole Foods Market, like ages ago.
Had no idea it was this good.
Great for last minute morning muffins, and far less chemicals than other boxed versions.
My Friday night treat.  I know how to party right!
LOVE Lake Champlain 5 Star Chocolate: the hazelnut is so good!
The Ginger People have created crystallized ginger chips for baking (and eating)!
It's still snowing and cold here on cape cod. Will winter ever end? (sandy neck, sandwich, ma)

around the web:

guess what? Turn the clocks ahead March 9! Thank goodness, spring is coming!
DIY coffee syrup
free lyme disease testing is FINALLY coming to the Cape
make sure your iphones are up to date; major security flaw
8 chapters of ramen (american chef who took a chance in Japan)
how to clean your dishwasher
what causes migraines & how to treat them
a view of long island's decommissioned nuclear power plant
how 6 highly successful bloggers get stuff done
ramen taco (two please!)
stress: the new cause of alzheimers 
natural dry skin remedies
the best (and easy) chocolate cake recipe
hip or back pain? start with your feet!
California couple strikes $10 million in gold coins (good luck with the taxes!)
mini cinnamon roll pops
aren't these wooden Dutch tubs gorgeous?
haunted house snaps pictures of scariest moments on visitors faces
cape cod native trish hegarty is on this season's Survivor!  GO Trish!
new sitting risk: possibility of disability after 60
how much my novel costs me
new Ben & Jerry's flavors coming soon!
why dark chocolate is good for your heart
the hormonal reset (it's true, I am living proof that heavy lifting helps balance your hormones)
what is torting a cake?
makeup secrets you haven't heard before
doughnut ice cream
rising liver risks deterred by omega 3's
the secret ingredient for the best chicken tostada's?
jeff gordon in 'test drive 2'
10 superfoods for everything from allergies to muscle pain
playing tetris can reduce urges to smoke, eat & drink? (hmmm)
homemade flavored coffee--naturally! (no chemicals!)
urban remedy: organic, cold-pressed juices for cleanses & health (DYING to try these!)
fancy cookie cutters (elaborate fonts, literary figures, 3D boxes, pregnant woman, etc..)
super cute bobby pins
4-ingredient nutella brownies

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. happy friday, dawn! if you ever get to woods hole, visit my friend beth at woods hole inn, who just opened a restaurant that looks DELICIOUS.

  2. I've done a couple Urban Remedy cleanses! Good stuff! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Ow- those ginger chips! I need I need! The muffins look great. I'm going to check out the "how to clean your dishwasher" link now. Need this. Happy weekend Dawn!

  4. Well, now I know what to do with my Diet Coke first thing in the morning. And then I'll try the brown eyeliner that is lurking in the bottom recesses of my teeny makeup bag. Hope it helps! Thanks for the ways I can improve my appearance, Dawn!

  5. Ahh they're so pretty! And delicious too, I'm sure.

  6. Good grief! It's time to turn the clocks back again? Where did the time go?
    Trader Joe's coming soon to my area....can't wait!

  7. Great links. I read "What my Novel cost me" (with some trepidation - let's just say her advances are bigger than mine). Have a good weekend!

  8. I am 100% jealous of that eggnog in your fridge. It's SO GOOD (especially in a very spicy chai) and I am genuinely sad not to have it ten months of the year.

  9. I really need to clean out my cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer too. Wish I had eggnog in my fridge, though. I always love your links -- so interesting. Thanks.

  10. I love The Ginger People! They used to have big pieces of crystallized ginger that I was addicted to. Yay for turning the clocks forward!

  11. i so want to try those B&J gooey cores...yum!


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