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Happy Friday kids!
Sorry this is late, but here on cape cod we just had a major thunder & lighting storm, and our power
kept going out.
Thunder storm in the middle of February!  And it was just as powerful as one in the summer!
I made chocolate shortbread fingers.
Do you like nutty crusts? I do.
Here is a pecan crusted strawberry bars. Very easy and quite tasty too.
The motherload of Cadbury Mini Eggs (an almost 2 pound bag found at Walmart).
I was so happy at this find. Is that bad? It's bad right?
Those bistro boxes at Starbucks are quite good.
This is the chicken & hummus bistro box.
This is my kind of fast food--no crash & burn after lunch.
Have you tried these Valhrona chocolate perles?
Like a crunchy cookie-like biscuit in the middle. Terribly addicting.
Found at Whole Foods (in the cheese and/or chocolate sections)
Yeah it's pretty and all, but I'm so tired of snow already.
It's February 21 and we've had over 10 snowstorms? I've lost count on how many feet we've gotten....
So tired of it...
Bass River, cape cod
Minimal flooding this storm around; fingers crossed it stays that way.

Around the web:

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the stupid docu-soap "The Vineyard" might be coming back. I hope not!
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2014 james beard semifinalists! (congrats to my Baked Boys!)
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rib-eye steak with bĂ©arnaise 
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worlds first-ever internet emergency room
STOP! Scented jewelry! I want! So cute
sunlight pills!
16 savory muffin recipes (excellent list)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope your power is on and stays on. I have panic attacks just thinking about losing power - ah the world we live in. Snow is no longer pretty to me. It just needs to stop and I need to move to CA! Yes, to that Brian Williams video. Just watched it this morning and died laughing. Congrats on The Kitchn - you did great. I don't know how I hung in there. Finished 7th. So close, yet so far. Maybe next year.

  2. Cultured butter and savory muffin recipes have no links?

    1. all fixed! thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Thanks for the link XOGREG

  4. We had thunderstorms this week, too. But we're in the midwest -- that happens from time to time. And really high winds! A bunch of people lost power, but thank goodness not us. Great links, as always. Thanks.

  5. the snow pictures are beautiful.. but I'm with you.. SO tired of shoveling snow and being cold constantly. For the first time ever I'm looking forward to spring/summer!


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