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Happy Friday!

Isn't girl scout season right around the corner?
Have you seen my coconut-caramel shortbread bars?
They are the child of a samoa cookie + twix bar.

Have you done a savory pie yet?
A little hand pie is quite easy.  Come see how with my raspberry-cheddar hand pies.
Trust me when I say I did not make perfect little squares--who cares if they're crooked; it's rustic.
raspberry & cheddar hand pies

Scones are the best vehicle for holding multiple flavors and textures aren't they?
My strawberry-white chocolate cream scones are one of my favorite ways to use up rotting berries, eat warm butter on scones.
strawberry-white chocolate cream scones

Smoked gouda & walnut crackers--if you're into savory, cheesy, buttery rich crackers.
Easy to make for the superbowl!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. gah! Want your crackers. Reading the guacamole, sweet and sour chicken and back links now!!

  2. I just opened like 10 links! Thanks for the great finds! And thanks for sharing my easy ways to grow your food blog post

    Those shortbread bars of yours are gorgeous! The lighting is just perfect and I can see every little last detail & I want them!

  3. There definitely have been sightings of girl scouts hawking their cookies! Always a fun season. Great links -- you're just the best at finding really good stuff for us to read. Thanks.

  4. SO many great links...and now I want girl scout cookies (or those bars!) Thank you for sharing with us. What a delicious treat!

  5. Let the year of the horse begin! Yehaw!


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