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Happy Friday!

Oh the beauty of our sunsets here on Cape Cod.  This is chatham fish pier.


The French Baker: Authentic Recipes for Traditional Breads, Desserts, and Dinners
by Sébastien Boudet, Olaf Hajek and Carl Kleiner
"...Head to the kitchen and get ready for a delicious voyage into French traditions and cuisine! Follow second generation–baker Sébastien Boudet from Paris to rural France, as he teaches the art of baking artisan breads, the craft of creating the perfect main course, and how to whip up desserts to die for. Containing luscious photographs of family, food, and the French countryside, and rich with delightful drawings, paintings, and illustrations, The French Baker tells the story (and the culinary secrets!) of a family devoted to the art of preparing beautiful food...."

Extra peanut butter sauce please!

Only on cape cod!

It's really all about the bacon...

On a recent stop to Stage Stop Candy in Dennisport, MA....
Their candies are all homemade, and all quite good, but that's a little pricey for dipped Doritos!
Make em at home!

Living Lean with Trader Joe's by Jamie Davidson M.S.
Want to know what you can pick up at Trader Joe's that can help you lose weight, making the process practical, doable and delicious? Need some new ideas to get out of a menu rut? This book offers over 150 easy, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, entrees and desserts, as well as lists of suggested Trader Joe's products that are heat and eat or super-convenient to put together quickly for those on the go.
It's filled with recipes that I've already done and loved.  Mostly it's a great reminder of how many Trader Joe products with with each other to boost up the flavor.  AND it's only $13.46 on Amazon!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I want to make those doggy treats for Frank! Homemade candy is the absolute best!

  2. I love Trader Joe's butternut squash soup with some of their red coconut curry sauce in it... divine! The sunset photos are seriously stunning Dawn!!

  3. You know I leave this page open until I've read them all. Looks like you have a lot of good ones this week! Trader Joes is finally opening in Denver and it is near us. But not until Valentine's Day!

  4. Love all of your Friday links, but the small-budget gift tips are so sweet.
    Merry Christmas, dear! xo

  5. Love those sunset pics! It must be so cold out there! At least you see the sun, here it's like what's sun? I have so much trouble foam rolling and feel like I never do it right. And my muscles need it - they're so tight.

  6. Want that book! It sounds right up my alley...

  7. Tons of good stuff in this post. Love those top photos. And the links are wonderful! Such a great feature - thanks.

  8. Chocolate, Dairy Queen and bacon? Yes, please! All together - why not! Have a great holiday!

  9. Cape Cod really is so beautiful! We used to go and visit in the fall when I was younger, with my cousins! We would go to all the Christmas Tree shops!! Good times!! Btw those chocolates look amazing!! And that ice cream is so peanut buttery!! Hope you have a great Christmas! :)

  10. That French cookbook looks amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Thank you so much for the link to the yoga poses, I'm training for my first marathon and those were perfect!


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