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Happy Friday!

First off, biz stuff I gotta share, then we can go on to the fun stuff...OK?

I have gotten so many emails from fans telling me they aren't seeing my posts on Facebook.
I realize Facebook has it's own algorithms on what you see.
So here is a couple ideas on how to crack some of those algorithms:
On my vanillasugarblog Facebook page, first make sure you've LIKED the page.
And what I suggest is to UNLIKE the page, then LIKE it again. That worked for me, now on to the next step.
Take your arrow and hover it over the "Liked" button,  a drop-down menu should appear and you'll see "Get Notifications" --make sure this is checked!
Last step you can take to ensure you are seeing my posts is to find a recent of post of mine (any post really), click the LIKE, and leave a comment.
Apparently if you comment on a post, be it a friend or business, Facebook remembers what you like, and what you've commented on, so it will then continue to show you future posts from it.
Now this is what I've heard from other fan pages, so I'm hoping all these steps will work and you'll be all set.
Make sure to do it for the other pages you like on Facebook as well.
AND it has to be done for your friends on Facebook too!

I go to Chipotle a lot. Great food at a reasonable price, plus we finally have one on cape cod!
And I've now figured out a way to have apps and a meal in one burrito bowl.
Next time you order, ask for extra sour cream and cheese on top.
Take your chip bag, dose it with the Chipotle Tabasco sauce and shake bag, repeat again.
Now you have apps on top and a meal on the bottom.  Oh yeah baby!

Gingerbread Twix!
So yeah these are crazy good.
Don't buy them!

I love peppermint taffy.
These are from a local business here in MA Hill Top Candy.
Found theme at Whole Foods in Hingham, MA

We have a new way to get energy!  Through candy! It's like an M&M with caffeine and B-vitamins.
Introducing Energems. Energems supplements are bite-sized, hard-coated gems made with real milk chocolate. They contain caffeine, B-vitamins and a unique energy blend.

If any of you are from Massachusetts or used to live here, you might remember the infamous Jordan Marsh?  Remember the Enchanted Village at Jordan Marsh?
Jordan Marsh had closed it's doors in the late 90's I believe?  And was bought by Macy's.
Not wanting to lose the memory of the enchanted village, the owners of Jordans Furniture purchased the village and now has it on display in their Avon location every year.
I also found the recipe for the INFAMOUS Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin!  Remember those?
Here are a few photos of the Enchanted Village that I snapped on my recent visit.










There is also an indoor fake ice skating rink for the kids. By fake I mean it's not ice, but a plastic composite that gives the illusion of it being ice.

New flavor out for Harmless Harvest: cinnamon & clove.  Have you tried it?

I am in love with this cookbook: Hoosier Mama Book of Pie
Don't know what to get the foodie in the family?
Get this cookbook.  It is stunning!  Have some of the best, and most kicked up pie recipes I've ever
seen.  Right now they are out of stock on Amazon, but you can still order one for later date.
Just a handful of examples: pulled pork pie, corned beef hand pies, cranberry chess pie, vinegar chess pie, hoosier sugar cream pie, orange cream pie..... They include all the sweet pies according to the season, all the cream/custard/curds pies, desperations pies, chess pies, over-the-top pies, turnovers, savory pies, hand pies, etc.. I mean literally every angle of pie AND crust is covered!
Trust me, you will not be disappointed with Hoosier Mama Book of Pie; there is a pie for everyone in here; it's a big book of pie--it'll keep you busy baking all winter long.

Around the web:

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tourtiere biscuits (I've already printed these)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OHMYGOSH! I totally forgot about Jordan Marsh. When we first lived in MA, I remember there was one at the Rockingham mall (thats the name of the mall right? Up in NH?). Those inside out buckeyes look amazing. I love your Friday posts

  2. 1). No joke, I am working on one of those GB twix bags right now.....damn you target!

    2). Familiar with Jordan Marsh but not the enchanted village. BUT as I am a western Masser we have Yankee Candle And their crazy Bavarian Village.

    3). Hadley, Ma now has a Chipotle and I really need to check it out!
    Oh, and acupuncture for depression? Yes.

  3. That Frito-corn-chip pie crust is wild!
    The Enchanted Village is very cute - thanks for sharing your pics. I love the old fashioned soda fountain.
    Gingerbread Twix?!
    I've gotta jet!

  4. Gingerbread twix??? That sounds so dangerous! Also, I go to Chipotle at least once a week. I can't help it, it's almost all I ever want. Thanks for including me!

  5. Wow, gingerbread twix? Yum. I'm sure you have wonderful memories of those window displays, but the people in that enchanted village totally creep me out!


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