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Happy Friday!

Are we still eating?
I am!
I managed to keep eating well after 10pm.
I did good right?
My last meal at 10pm was a slice of my gooey Nutella stuffed chocolate chips bars, which I
PROMISE to post the end of next week.
Coming up Tuesday, we have an interview with Greg Henry of Sippity Sup to talk about his TWO cookbooks: Savory Pies and Savory Cocktails.
And Greg has decided to donate THREE cookbooks for the giveaway!
Come back on Tuesday to read all about it.
My "crunchy" pumpkin bread bundt.
And by crunchy I mean 'sugar & nut coated crunch!'
When I posted this on Instagram, you all wanted the recipe NOW.
Easy peasy.
Take one Trader Joe's pumpkin bread mix; make as per box directions; grease up a bundt pan;
pour in half the bread batter; sprinkle on chopped walnuts or pecans in middle; pour on rest of bread batter; then top with more nuts AND coarse sugar (I used Sugar in The Raw).
Bake a little less time than what box directions say as bundt bakes up faster.
The light from the sunrises and sunsets on cape cod have been magical.
I was sent a copy of the cookbook Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer by Sanford D'Amato.
And I do love a good cookbook that has a story to go along with it; not just recipes, but a lifetime of cooking/learning and teaching stories. "....Sanford D'Amato, the restaurant D'Amato opened in 1989 and sold to his longtime chef de cuisine in December 2012, has been one of the highest-rated restaurants in America over the past 20 years, earning accolades from Bon App├ętit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Esquire, Wine Spectator, Zagat Guide, and the James Beard Foundation. D'Amato has cooked for the Dalai Lama and the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, and was one of 12 chefs chosen by Julia Child herself to cook for her 80th birthday celebration. The story of Sanford and Sandy D'Amato is in part the story of America's embrace of fine dining and its acceptance of chefs as master craftsmen....."
So if you weren't able to visit his restaurant, now you can partake in his personal recipes with Good Stock: Life on a Low Simmer
Tarte fine aux pommes (Apple Tart) pg. 231
Ginger Snap Cannoli w/ dried cherry mascarpone cream pg. 349
Steak au Poivre pg. 239

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I saw your IG feed last nite and was loving it! and an interview with Greg - can't wait. He rocks. That bundt - that is amazing that you started with a TJs mix! NICE job! And all your links from photogenic to inflammatory foods, you find the best ones!

  2. Those bars look totally divine!!!! Steak au Poivre is my Dad's favorite dish. I must make this for him!

  3. The post on photographing snowflakes is pretty amazing!

  4. Great article on choosing perfume...
    Cute idea: Gingerbread Village, easy to do, too. Clever BH&G. I love Gesine, have most of her cookbooks.
    Foods to avoid like the plague: one wonders what's left to eat. And there ought to be a PS: all things in moderation.
    Amazing snowflakes...loved this.
    I'm hoping Glucosamine is doing me some good....at any rate, I'm afraid to stop taking it. Bad arthritis here.

    Hope you had a calm Thanksgiving and plenty of comfort food! (Well, in moderation anyway. Hah.) My daughter is here, always fun and such a pleasure. Going to tell her about magnesium and migraines...

  5. That bundt cake is gorgeous! As are all of your sunset pics, but it must be sooooooo cold. I'm so over winter.

  6. I NEED that recipe or maybe you'll just post me a dozen? ;)

  7. Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with blessings and joy.

  8. Nutella stuffed chocolate chips bars - oh goodness, yes please. I'd probably eat those bars all night long!

  9. I'm always eating. ;-) Lotta good stuff in this post - thanks. And I'm really looking forward to your interview with Greg!

  10. That ginger snap cannoli looks amazing. So does the apple tart. I'm sold!

  11. Wonderful links and treats! Those bars look terrific.



  12. What a great TJ's adaptation...looks delish! Love all your links as usual...esp the snowflake one. I had seen that somewhere and it's so so cool.


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