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Happy Friday!

How is your summer going?
Mine is going great.  LOL
Above: cake batter ice cream with chocolate cake chunk swirls. Yeah, it was life-moving tasty.
Next time your in Whole Foods, do me a favor?
Try this almond milk  iced coffee from Califia Farms.
Heavenly.  So so good.  Make sure to put it on ice!
And move over Blue Print Cleanse, we have a cheaper version on board.
Thank goodness!
And it's good!
Suja Organic Juices.  I've tried the green supreme and purify.
The purify has beets in it which I love because of the iron (I'm always low in iron).
I was completely blown away at how tasty these Oh Nuts were.
You know why?
Because when they said it was "raw" I said no way. And gave it a go anyways.
I always assume raw means yuck and iffy.
Or as Mirada from Sex & The City says "I'm going to need a pizza after this".
These have really unique, tasty, all natural flavorings.
I was literally licking the bottom of the bag.  Can't wait to get more.
Flavors include: thai & curry cashews, sesame & teriyaki almonds/cashews, mesquite pod maple
walnuts, white chocolate cashews, rosemary-garlic pistachios, and many more!
Summer tomatoes.  Isn't it great? What are you doing with your summer tomatoes?
Aren't grilled hot dogs the bomb?
I love summer.
Our local Dairy Queen has the best signs this summer.

from around the web:
how about peanut butter & jelly parfaits?
take ordinary caprese stacks and turn them into fried ravioli stacks
the city of boston has the best mayor: tom menino letter to rolling stone
hot fudge sundae now in cake form
schoep, the arthritic dog, made famous by his owner taking him swimming has passed. rip buddy.
study: turmeric more effective than prozac
5 creative writing tips from carl hiaasen
raw recipe find: chocolate-hazelnut cheesecake
the secret language of birthdays now has a website! you MUST go there...now.  GO! Click!
10 ways to use kale in less sucky ways
whole wheat puff pastry! yes, it can be done!
another coffee study?! Sure why not. Coffee drinking tied to lower risk of suicide.
how to deal with people who drain the life force out of you
cinnamon crunch ice cream!
strengthen your back with these 5 easy tips (AND these make sense, no gimmicks)
all this hoopla around the latest news that fish oil might cause prostate cancer in men.
Dr. Weil, breaks it down for us.
kate middleton unabashed baby belly busts the latest taboo of pregnancy. Good for her!
16 ways to detox everyday
how about a margarita pie? perfect for summer parties.
I demand MOREOS be made!
summertime strawberry & candied bacon pizza.
cancer breakthrough: probiotics may save patients from deadly chemotherapy (excellent news)
oddity of the week: white chocolate baby heads (it's a sculpture)
moroccan grilled chicken kabobs (make extra as the leftovers are perfect in rollups!)
ann wigmore: creator/founder of the positive benefits of wheatgrass juice
how to make bunting! who knew?  I didn't.
how kathleen king aka Tate's Cookies, built her cookie empire.
chipotle gazpacho
hash brown wrapped eggs!
as if crumb bars couldn't get any better? I find these strawberry-vanilla jam crumb bars.
cookies & cream snack cake. don't you love that term "snack cake"?  I do.
10 veggies high in protein? Ok.
weight loss fact & fiction, written by mark hyman, MD-- so it isn't all BS.
does practicing yoga really help get you in shape? (it does--shocker)
5 foods that can helps reduce those nasty stress hormones
"fat shaming" don't do it, don't even think about doing it!
benefits of talking about ourselves?

Have a wonderful weekend kids!


  1. Oh, sweet bliss - cake batter ice cream with chocolate cake swirls? I'd move states for a small sample.

    Happy August, Dawn! Thank you for acknowledging that there's still plenty of summer left. : )

  2. cake batter ice cream with chocolate cake chunk swirls = YES!
    Love all the links - interesting fun blend of some raw links/products. Always great when raw tastes as good (or better than!) the alternatives.

    And Deb's cake, Meagan's pie, Jackies caprese stacks - thanks for the delish reminders and for all the new links in this post! Love them!

  3. oh that ice cream- this further increases my need to find a good ice cream place in Phoenix! Alright, twist my arm that almond milk coffee from whole foods is perfectly necessary now!

  4. I am astounded and saddened by the irony of a link list that contains both unproven diet advice and instruction not to fat shame. :(

    1. Did you complain to the person that wrote the article you are upset over?
      Might be a good idea!

  5. Thanks for the link love, girl! Those peanut butter & jelly parfaits are all up in my DREAMS! Happy weekend!!

  6. Wow, I always enjoy your Friday links but these are exceptional! Thank you!

  7. I am loving that ice cream cone - making me swoon!

    We are swimming in tomatoes.. so we have lots of sauces and dicing/stewing to freeze for winter. Nothing better than making your summer harvest last until Spring!

  8. Your links are so great! Love the birthday site. All my tomatoes are going in guacamole and a family favorite vinegar salad.


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