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Happy Friday kids!

It's 70 degrees, sunny and the humidity is low here on cape cod.
As I type this, I have my office window open and the breeze is cool and refreshing.
I never thought we'd get to this weather during those weeks (months?) of blizzards/storms this winter.
I am so thankful spring is here, and summer is right around the corner.
Been a little guilty of playing hookey this week and heading to the beach.
A big thank you to Sante Nuts for sending me a nice little care package of nuts to try.
Have you tried these?  They are sold at Whole Foods and a few other places, which you can find here.
They have these cardamom cashews, wow, they were good!
My favorite was the roasted salted pecans. They are so crisp, and have just the right amount of salt.
Really good nuts, high quality, great tasting.
I have a request Sante Nuts!  If all your nuts taste this good, you have to make a kicked up peanut version!
Maybe if you all leave a comment we can get Sante Nuts to do a giveaway?
How about it? Let's convince them.
The Powerball will be up to almost 300 million this Saturday?
Will you play?
Remember my "extra" crunchy broccoli salad?
Well I made a new version.  A new sauce, made with mayo, chipotle tabasco, and honey.
So good.  If you want to try it, just follow the recipe above, and instead of the sauce in the recipe, just mix mayo, chipotle tabasco sauce, and honey--all to taste.
That chipotle tabasco is so good!  I cannot get enough of it.
Any idea how much I want one of these? Found at Schoolhouse Ice Cream Harwich Port.
Dedicated plagues on benches, boardwalks, posts, etc.. are fairly common here on many cape cod beaches.  I found one that I loved and had to share it with you.  Isn't it beautiful?
Tis the season for dipped cones. It's supposed to be butterscotch, but I swear it tastes like orange.
Gorgeous right?  I love the beauty of cape cod and her ocean. Nauset Lighthouse Beach.
I love how there are now signs up.  As if people didn't already know there are sharks in the ocean.
This past winter and all the storms made us realize how much and how many trees we have to take down.  I saw a lot of damage done to houses near us.  Made me think it's time to get rid of some trees just in case.  So far we had two taken down and have about two more.  The latter are bigger trees and will cost a lot more, sadly.  I wanted to share this photo with you because it was so fascinating to me, to watch this tree guy climb up the tree, like a monkey WITH a chainsaw in hand!
He's really skilled at what he does (duh), and in really good shape too.  lol
One of my favorite photos taken this week. Early morning walk, I got to see one of the fish boats heading out.  (chatham fish pier).

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Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Buckeye pie? That sounds amazing. I want to try the chipotle almonds. That sounds like an ideal flavored nut to me!! I want that broccoli salad...now :) Happy weekend

  2. yes to a giveaway! happy friday dawn.

  3. That broccoli salad looks out of this world. Super yum.

  4. I would like to try those nuts, they look so good.

  5. love that last pic...so quintessential New England :)

  6. Those mallomore bars look super yummy! I'm all ready for tomorrow's Powerball!


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