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First congrats to the winners of the Picky Palate Cookbook.
#6 Jodi, #24 Katrina and #10 Amelia--please email me your shipping address!

Have you tried the red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory?
Do I need to tell you how good it was?
Great idea.  Pricey though, but tasty. (found them at whole foods).
I can't tell you how much this one product: Dahlicious has changed my life in terms of having a healthy digestive system, and a healthy immune system.  It's now in a large (cheaper) size.  Thankfully.
Some of the best chocolate I've had.  I prefer the peanut butter one. Lake Champlain Chocolates.
Do I love this cookbook: The Little Paris Kitchen? I do.  A sweet friend sent it to me.
For us coffee lovers.
Coming to the Cape this summer? Please visit DJ Wings in Hyannis on the railroad tracks.
Literally some of the best wings I've had outside of Buffalo, NY.  Their portions are huge and what makes the wings so tasty are the sauces--unlimited amount of flavors.  I have yet to work up to the "Hurt Me" sauce. And don't forget to check out their "Angry Wings Contest" where you have to eat 10 "wings from hell" to the bone.
PB Boulangerie Bakery on cape cod (wellfleet), ma is back open for the season! A lot of cape codders are happy to see them again after a long, hard winter (myself included).
Their almond croissant is exactly like (if not better) than the ones from Paris. I am not kidding.
A new flavor for San Pellegrino?  It's good, really good. Lime is my favorite.
Easter egg season is in full swing at Stage Stop Candy in Dennisport, MA. (these happen to be my favorite).
There has been a lot of beach erosion damage from the last few storms and blizzards.
This is cape cod national seashore where literally chunks of the cliffs are eaten away from the mammoth waves.  That black is earth, that's how severe the waves were during the blizzard.
If you can imagine, there used to be about 3-5 more feet of this cliff! Location: Le Count Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, Ma.
We did get some long-lasting swells from the blizzards even days after the storm had passed.
Spring fever is at an all time high here on cape cod.
I am very anxious for spring and summer.  Our days of sun lately have been limited.

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Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Killer post. Love the pictures of goodies from shops on the Cape. Love the pictures OF the Cape. Miss it so bad this time of year. HA! Every time of year, if truth be told. Thanks, Dawn!

  2. all this chocolate is making me want something sweet! that cookbook looks really sweet- bet the recipes are good.

  3. My favorite post! You're making me want chocolate (couldn't agree more with Jaime) and I want to go to the beach :)

  4. I've said it before, but I love all your Friday Links! AND--am I one of the winners of Jenny's book? Awesome!

  5. Love your blog so much Dawn, especially your Cape updates, makes me ache for the Cape. I am taking notes so I can go experience your recommendations on our next visit! Had amazing PB cups at Stage Stop this summer (Dennisport is our spot).

  6. Your Red Velvet Cheesecake photos are the best on the web. Looks like Red Raspberry. :))

  7. Love your friday lists - the last 20 recipes or so you linked to, many I've seen and have wanted to make! Great minds think alike (but I forgot about many & the reminder was great!)

    Have a great weekend and I love those beach pics! :)

  8. That bakery looks like it has some seriously yummy treats! Is it still really cold in Cape Cod? The sun makes it look warm.

  9. I love that cheesecake cake! And those beets look so interesting!

  10. Gah I need that cheesecake cake in my life!

    And I love those five star chocolate from WF! I get one every time I go as a treat. :)

  11. OMG i need that almond croissant! totally hitting that up on my next bike ride down there :)


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