double chocolate-cinnamon cookies

Those cinnamon chips I see in the stores, I've never been one to just grab them and use them.
Always weary of how they will taste, too chemically, too harsh, too something....
But alas I did buy one, having a coupon for one AND it was on sale--that's enough reason there to buy it...right?
I first tasted them and they are awful on their own, but surely no one eats these on their own?
Now that they were opened I had to do something with them--make cookies.
Combine these with really good chocolate and there's sure to be something....I hope?
Thankfully they were a HUGE hit.
Had no idea these cookies would be this tasty with those cinnamon chips.
AND, the other bonus to this, is the dough is crazy easy to make since we melt the butter.
Only downfall, if you have to have one, is to chill the dough.
Why do I keep asking you to chill the darn dough?
Cookie doughs bake up better when they are chilled, they poof up, they crisp up in the best outer shell crispiness way.  Think of it as taking pancake batter and trying to bake it, it would just run even more, it wouldn't firm up, it would lose all it's internal moisture and dry up, it would take a long time to crisp up.  Whereas a chilled dough placed into a hot oven will automatically hold its nice uniform shape, won't spread, and most importantly will keep all it's moisture inside and steam itself (quickly) to bake, while the outside gets nice and crisp.  Warm and chewy inside, crisp outside--heavenly right?
And of course there is the whole science of letting the gluten relax while its chilling.
Ruth Wakefield the creator of the Tool House Chocolate Chip Cookie always chilled her dough overnight.
When I made the famous Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies, I chilled that dough for 96 hours!
The longer it sits the better; flavor and texture wise.
IMG_1792 IMG_1776 IMG_1774
I used a regular size ice cream scoop.  You can use a larger or smaller size, just make sure to adjust the baking times.
IMG_1775 IMG_1778

double chocolate-cinnamon cookies

1 ½ cups flour
¾ cup bread flour
¾ TB baking soda
¾ TB baking powder
5 oversized TB dutch process cocoa powder
¾  ts sea salt
2 sticks (16 TB) unsalted butter, melted & cooled
½ cup + 1 TB light brown sugar, packed
½ cup granulated sugar
1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk
½ ts pure vanilla extract
¾ cup high quality semi-sweet chips
¾ cup cinnamon chips

Cook notes: make sure to let the melted butter cool a bit. When you are ready to use the butter give it a good stir to incorporate the butter solids and fats back together.
You can add a full cup of the chocolate chips and cinnamon chips if you like. I added in only ¾ cup as I wasn’t sure if the cinnamon chips would be over-powering.
It’s hard to tell when these are done, just look for non-jiggly middles and non-sticky cookies.  It’s really easy to overbake these, so definitely take them out at the 13-15 minute mark.

Whisk all the dry ingredients together; set aside.
In a large mixing bowl, either by hand or using a mixer (I don’t have a mixer so I did this by hand) mix butter & sugars until thoroughly combined. Add in the egg and egg yolk and vanilla extract, mix well. Then add in the dry mixture, mix until just combined, do not overmix. Next FOLD in the chocolate chips and cinnamon chips. Cover bowl and let chill in fridge at least an hour or longer.
When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees, line four cookie sheets with parchment paper.
Using an normal size ice cream scoop, and making sure to compact the dough in the scooper as much as possible, scoop out on baking sheets about 1 & ½ inches apart.
Bake about 12-15 minutes, rotating pans halfway through. You’ll know the cookies are done by slightly crisp edges and slightly puffy middles.
Don’t try and take them off the cookie sheets, they will just break.  Let them sit there at least 5 minutes before moving to a wire rack.
Should make about 22-24.


  1. I will be making these, I think I have about 1/3 bag of those cinnamon chips.

    1. Found an unopened bag of these in my cupboard. Just finished baking a half batch of these cookies. Made just a few, ever-so-slight changes (I always worry about high altitude), so mine are just a little bit flatter than yours, but taste great! I like that they aren't too sweet by having less sugar. They remind me a little of the texture of "my"/"our"/Anna, Rita and I's hard boiled egg cookies.
      Good. Thanks!

  2. They are SO yummy in baked goods! Try this bread: http://www.itzyskitchen.com/2009/02/cinnamon-sweet-bread.html

    They are so nasty on their own :) The cookies look amazing

  3. Definitely not tasty on their own, but this looks like a great way for them to shine

  4. Is it wrong that I'll eat just about any kind of baking chips straight from the bag? :D These cookies look fab! And yes, refrigeration is crucial to the perfect cookie!

  5. I love all the dough balls. Having chilled (chocolate) dough balls at the ready in the fridge or freezer is a blessing and a curse :) The cookies look fabulous and moist and soft!

  6. Never tried cinnamon chips. Not even sure I've seen them. These cookies look great but now you have me thinking that maybe cinnamon chips in pancakes could be a good thing, too!

  7. I could totally gobble up a few with a glass of milk ;)

  8. i need to find cinnamon chips!!!

  9. When I first read about those cinnamon chips, they were nowhere to be found around here so I mail ordered some from Amazon. They arrived all melted together. :) Florida. Hello, me. Duhhhhhh.
    Anyway, now they're in the market. I'll have to try this....I made those Torres cookies and remember the chilling. I try to do it with all my cookies now, although it IS difficult not to open the fridge door and taste. Is it only me?

  10. I agree, the cinnamon chips are TERRIBLE on their own but so wonderful in baked goods. I've never paired them with chocolate...but that is certainly my bad!

  11. I think they taste awful on their own too but they taste pretty amazing in cookies. My chocolate/cinnamon loving kids would really dig these Dawn.

  12. Jealous! I"ve seen so many recipes using cinnamon chips, but I've never seen them in stores.

  13. I am curious what brand cinnamon chips you used. I've only used them once, just whatever they had at the grocery store (I think Nestle) and they were horrid, absolutely tasteless.

    I think on the King Arthur website they have a brand you can order that is great (so I've been told), so I'll have to check on that because these cookies look great!

    1. I used Hershey's.
      I heard that Nestle brand was horrid too.

  14. Those cookies look good! I still haven't been able to find those cinnamon chips though.

  15. it's crazy what a little cinnamon can do for the richness of chocolate, even if that cinnamon comes in the form of the sometimes questionable cinnamon chips. great cookies!

  16. I love cinnamon chips - yes even plain. But they are best in cookies or something.

  17. Always loved the combo of chocolate and cinnamon. They look so delicious!


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