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Happy Friday!
ON a recent trip to Trader Joe's here's what I found, tried, liked, hated.
Haven't tried, but it looked fairly moist.
Hubby loved it, I hated it. Not nearly enough cheese on it.
The crust was ok.
This is new (and good news!)
This was pretty good. Not quite danish, but close enough.
These were good, small but good.
Loved these!
Haven't tried these.  Have you?
These were ok, very dry.  If you make them, add a few splashes of cream to dough before baking.
I LOVED these!
Haven't tried these.  Have you?
Haven't tried these. You?
Pretty good!
Fairly good.
Not good.  I wanted to like them, but there is no cheese flavor whatsoever.
Anyone tried this?

Around the web:
Did you know that you can truly make a solider overseas life better by simply writing them letters?
That's all it takes is a letter to help. Please visit Soldiers' Angels.
Guide to writing better than you normally do from McSweeney's
Prebiotics can truly help you lose weight from blisstree
fake food: the fake ingredients in your food from greatist.com
immune boosting carrot-ginger juice from detoxinista.com
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oyster fats may curb breast cancer from vitalchoice.com
dosa: indian style pancakes w/ pickled cucumber from wholesomeireland.com
vanilla bean ricotta donuts from cannella-vita
rosemary shortbread rounds from becca-bakes.com
red velvet strawberry chocolate cake from heatherchristo.com
happy cheeks!  LOL  (love this idea) from myhappycheeks.com
no bake pb krispy treats from collecting memories
15-minute thin mints (no bake, vegan) from topwithcinnamon.com
chai spiced snickerdoodles (vegan) from arismenu.com
chewy peanut payday bars from averiecooks.com
archie bunkers house in queens from scoutingny.com
top herbs & spices for your health from marksfdailyapple.com
rewire your brain for positivity & happiness from lifehacker.com
meet porter: the worlds 1st driving dog from the driving dogs
there's a new nut butter company in town! dying to try this from bigspoonroasters.com
3-phase plan to fix your metabolism? from doctoroz.com
homemade cinnamon-raisin newtons from supergluemom.com
peaches & cream mousse pie from seriouseats.com
baked french toast sticks from abeautifulmess.com
roasted broccoli & cheddar queso from macheesmo.com
lasagna soup from noshingwiththenolands.com
spicy asian chicken noodle soup from divinecusine.com
corn chowder w/ shrimp from agirlinthesouth.com
chocolate-coffee banana donuts (paleo) from paleomg.com
homemade chicken bouillon cubes from the musician who cooks

one of my favorite breakfasts (full of protein too). bacon & egg on peanut butter toast.
puffins with peanut butter? oh yes.
frosting shots at cupcake charlies on cape cod.
hostess with the mostess cupcakes are my all-time weakness.
Let's go from cupcakes to steamers?  LOL
Yum, never get sick of these.
A house on the CC National Seashore (chatham side) collapsed after the recent storm. Here is a
barge bringing over the house parts, inside and out.
chatham fish pier, chatham, ma.
We've had three storms, one was a blizzard, and this weekend we're expecting another one.
I pray all these storms are a nice prelude to a beautiful, sunny, non-rain filled spring & summer.
Before I forget, the winner of the Old Farmers Almanac Cookbook is Lori Stilger (#13).
Congrats Lori please email me your shipping address.
Have a great weekend all!


  1. Why did I have to see this on an empty stomach (with equally empty cupboards!)? Those blueberry scones are calling to me. Literally. :D

  2. That corn chowder sounds amazing! Love seeing all of your TJs products!!

  3. How did you know that I needed rocket crackers?

  4. Those chili lime mixed nuts sound so good! Love all your weekly links.

  5. I miss Trader Joe's so much, I don't have anything even vaguely like it near me.

  6. thanks for the link love ;)

  7. the Sea Salt & Pepper Chips are fantastic! Went looking for more today at my local store but they were out :(

  8. Well I am ridiculously hungry after going through that list. I can't even get half of those products here in Ireland either. *cry*
    Thank you for the link love. x

  9. I made Averie Cook's Peanut Payday Bars with Biscoff and Gingerbread Peeps and they were crazy good! One of the best things I've ever made. Here's the link if you want to look: www.piesandplots.net/gingerbread-marshmallow-biscoff-bars

  10. So many tasty things to try from Trader Joe's! I am intrigued by your peanut butter toast topped with egg & bacon.

  11. As a matter of fact, I still have the lemon curd in my fridge. Comes in handy occasionally. Like when making spontaneous crepes!

  12. You've probably tried the Salt & Pepper crisps by now but they are AWESOME! Also, how is that GF Flour? Want to pick it up on my next TJ's trip!


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