gluten free salty peanut butter cookies

Ever since Trader Joe's stopped carrying the peanut flour I've been on the look out for more peanut flour.
Luckily at whole foods one day I came across this jar of what I thought was peanut butter, but made me look twice because the insides looked different.
Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was powdered peanut butter.
Instantly I thought this had to work as peanut flour.  Nice dry powder with deep peanut flavor?
Has to work.
And thankfully only one recipe later -- it does work perfectly in a gluten free peanut butter cookie.
This powder is a lot sweeter than a normal peanut flour is so you don't have to use as much sugar.
When I first tweeted this product a lot of people asked how does it taste as a peanut butter?
I still have no idea as I'm just using it for baking--so far.
These cookies tastes just like a normal peanut butter cookie recipe with a deeper peanut flavor.
I only made a half batch, about 12-15 cookies.
Also what I LOVE about this recipe is that it's a snap to throw together; no waiting for butter to come to room temp AND it's a one bowl wonder.
Why add the salty?
Since the cookies are sweet AND they are peanut butter--it just begs for a nice smudge of sea salt
on the top.  (you can omit this of course, but it does taste really good).
Literally one-bowl baking.  Love that.

gluten free salty peanut butter cookies 

1 ¼ cup all-natural chunky or all natural smooth peanut butter (not too oily)
¾ cup dark brown sugar, packed
1 large egg, room temp
1 ts baking soda
3  OVERSIZED TB powdered peanut butter
1 ts sea salt
plus extra sea salt for the tops of the cookie dough balls, optional but wonderful

Cook notes:
This recipe makes a small batch (about 12-15), if you want more, just double all the ingredients. The cookies have to sit in fridge for at least an hour to come together; don’t let them sit in fridge overnight as they become very dry.  They are delicate and tend to break apart if you make them big. So try not to make the dough balls bigger than a tablespoon size.
You can add chocolate chips to these.

In a small bowl add the peanut powder, baking soda, and salt and mix, set aside.
In a small bowl crack egg open and beat.
In a mixer or by hand, combine peanut butter and sugars until well combined.
Add egg to the cookie mixture, mix well.
Add in the dry mixture, by sprinkling it over the cookie dough, not just depositing it in one large dump. Mix till just combined.
Cover bowl and let it sit in fridge for about an hour.
Do not let this sit overnight as the dough becomes dry!
When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Roll into tablespoon (or smaller) sized balls and place on non-stick cookie sheets or greased cookie sheets. Do not press flat, just leave as balls. Sprinkle just a touch of sea salt on the tops of the cookie balls. 
Bake for 10-12 minutes, until lightly browned. These cook up very fast, so I really wouldn’t go past the 10-14 minute mark.
Cool on a baking sheet for a while as the cookies are very delicate and hard to move.
The cookies are fragile and tend to break, if you make them too big.
Should make about 12-15 cookies (small batch).
If you want more, just double all the ingredients.


  1. What a cool product. There used to be a product on the market I bought years ago called PB2 by Bell Plantation. It's a mail order thing and always was but I am guessing it may work similarly if you ever need another option that's similar. Your cookies look awesome - so thick and puffy! I just got done making some PB cookies and have been eating them all weekend :)

  2. Good stuff!!! I bought my peanut flour on iherb. They actually sell a protein packed version that is the same as TJs used to sell! The cookies look perfect

  3. They look amazing and I bet that pinch of salt makes them magical! I have some powdered peanut butter in my pantry (PB2) and it's pretty good as a peanut butter substitute. I like to warm it in the microwave and then spread on a piece of toast. But I like to do that with regular peanut butter too.

  4. This is a new one for me. I seem tol earn something new everyday blogging.

  5. Those look great! I need to get more of the pb powder, used to have some a few years ago.

  6. Oh, peanut powdered peanut powder!! I'm already envisioning whipping this up with some cream and brown sugar, and eating it by the spoonful...is that wrong? :P

    These cookies look delicious- love their plump, chewy bellies!!

  7. I made very similar cookies not too long ago and was also really impressed by them. The sea salt does add something extra. It doesn't hurt that they're so easy to make either.

  8. Ooo! I've seen this product but have somehow never bought it. Definitely picking up a jar on my next trip to WF so I can make these!

  9. That's a good idea. If you try these again with peanut flour, it'd be interesting to see how it works (or if you have to make any changes). Love a good peanut butter cookie!

  10. Ohhh, I may try this with PB2 as soon as I get another jar in my hands! To be honest, I have never felt that powdered peanut butters (like the jar you bought, I presume) are nearly as good as "real" peanut butter, so it makes perfectly awesome sense to use the powder in cookies instead!

  11. You are so creative! I have a lot of GF friends that will LOVE this recipe.

  12. Wow, I have never heard of powdered peanut butter before. A pity it is surely not available in Switzerland...

    Your cookies are wonderful!



  13. powdered peanut butter?!! what will they come up with next? :)

  14. Powdered peanut butter -- that's new to me. Not shopping at Whole Foods anymore, so I'll look for it elsewhere.

  15. those look great! and, umm, why not intensify the pb flavor? :)


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