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Happy Friday!

Some of my recent finds at Trader Joe's. 
Some new, some not so new....
crunchy cookie butter! oh the baking possibilities.
anyone tried this? might get a couple for hubby.
these weren't too bad.  much better than ramen noodles. plus rice noodle is a better taste.
in the frozen section. they are small. too small for the price--I could eat the whole box in one sitting.
anyone tried this?  love the addition of brie, which makes me think to make a brie & pasta at home.
FINALLY! sweet potato tots. can't wait to try them.
small little pre-cooked pot roasts in a bag.  weird. small. afraid to try...you go first.  lol
the price can't be beat. much cheaper than whole foods. has anyone used it?  tell me if it's good?
more pre-cooked beef in a bag.  still, afraid to try.
these were decent.  get the tzatziki sauce to dip them in!
these two together = food harmony
anyone tried these danish pancakes aka ebelskivers
this was good--needs more peanut butter inside.
they were ok. not very onion-like tasting. I want to create my own now, with far less oil.
always weary of shelf-staple tofu. anyone tried this?
these are good. My homemade coconut truffles are much better though. 
not new, but I finally tried it and it was really good. The price is good too.
these were the 'sample of the day' and they were ok. a little dry, but good.
anyone tried this?
I found it hilarious that our trader joe's (cape cod) sells lobster tails at a ridiculous inflated price.
A couple of my friends got this and loved it. You?
As I've mentioned before, during the winters I tend to get a little bit of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and while I take the fish oil, the Vit D3, etc...I haven't tried the "sun lights" yet.
I was hesitant about most of them until I came across a totally different kind of sun light that mimics the "blue sky of summer".  Did some research for reviews and most of them were positive   I was more than happy to give this a go.  
I did not shine this on the cat.  He was merely posing for the photo--ha!
About a week into using the light, I have to say I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood, and an even bigger increase in my energy levels.
The light is by Philips: Philips GoLite Blu. Sold on amazon. But look for the reviews on youtube.com.
It's a great, portable size. Hard to photograph when it's on since the light is bright, but this photo illustrates how small it is.
Don't use this at night, best to use in the morning.  Give it a couple days to start feeling a difference.
Here is the website for it, but make sure to buy it on amazon as it's much cheaper -- far cheaper!
I was at IKEA the other day and saw this wonderful bed workbar.
Isn't this the best idea?
The prices aren't that bad.
This is perfect for all our shoes in the garage. Well built too.
For this price?  Definitely getting a few for the office. Excellent way to hide all that crap and 'instantly' make the office look cleaner.
I use these for holding my dishes in the kitchen.  Five years later, and they are still going strong.
Can't remember the price of this, but it was cheap.
Would be great for a tv or play room right?
This is a dressing room model at IKEA.  Love how more modern IKEA has become.
Finally took hubby (for the first time) to Five Guys Burgers.
Let's just say he was a happy man. 
The Cadbury Eggs are already appearing!  

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  1. I want those sweet potato tots!

  2. One of my favorite random blogs is http://www.whatsgoodattraderjoes.com/ They reviewed those danish pancakes earlier this week.

    I also have personally tried the prime rib in a bag as well as the carnitas in a bag. Each are delicious out of the microwave, which while bizarre does make for fast meals on a work night.

    Thanks for sharing the Philips blue light... I'm very intrigued.

    I always look forward to your Friday links!

  3. We have tried both the puff pastry and the Danish pancakes.

    The puff pastry is excellent -- I used it to make little pizzas with caramelized onions, sliced steamed yukon gold potatoes, and shredded fondue cheese. Definitely a "buy every time I go, keep it in the freezer" staple.

    The Danish pancakes -- they were good, had a different flavor, not sure what the spice was that was distinct (nutmeg? orange?) -- but did not like them enough for the price. Not especially worth it when I can make a huge batch of pumpkin pancakes for way less. Or fire up the Belgian waffle maker and use some Krusteaz mix and doctor some waffles up with bacon and what not. My kids ate them but did not want them again.


  4. My daughter works at a Starbucks across the street from Trader Joe's, and the staff is always telling her when new products come in that they really like. They gave her the heads up on the crunchy cookie butter as soon as it came in. I have the silver dollar pancakes and the puff pastry in the freezer right now but haven't tried them yet. I love the spinach and kale dip. It was my lunch today on the cheese straws. We tried the Danish pancakes, but no one really loved them.

  5. thank you for taking the time to upload all these pics!
    their puff pastry is the only one I use. Cheap and it works.
    the crunchy cookie butter, nice I love it. But now I make my own.

    lobster - never have seen that at the San Diego TJs
    same with the pumpernickle pretzels, coconut chips (I am going there tomorrow just for those!), some of the cheese, etc. I never buy their actual frozen dinners b/c to feed 3 people the price is ridic and I could cook it, but their frozen bagged stuff, i.e. tater tots, fake meatballs, and stuff by the bag is a good value I think.

    the ikea stuff. I have their hemnes chest (pics on my blog, Lmk if you want a link) and my daughter's room has those cubbies. Super good value for the price, very durable, etc.

  6. pumpernickel pretzels + the kale/yogurt dip are 2 of my TJ's faves too. CRACK.

  7. Trader Joe's has the best packaging. Ever. Thanks for the GoLite Blue review- sounds like something I could use too. :)

  8. The light sounds really good, gonna look into one for myself too!

    Thank you but we might have a problem. I am having trouble getting shells with Brie and asparagus out of my head now :P

  9. I must have the chairs and the light fixture from Ikea. Let's go!

  10. Never had TJs cookie butter but crunchy Biscoff is the bomb. I also tried the onion snacks and found them to be okay. I'm dying to try those coconut chips. When I was a kid I thought coconut was disgusting but now I can't get enough.

  11. I've used the light for a few days now and swear it has been helping. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  12. No Trader Joe's on the east coast of Florida. Darn it.
    Ikea we do have....love going there.

  13. As I've said before, no Trader Joe's here. I make aebleskivers. Yum.

    Those Ground Hog cookies are so darn cute. I have a Ground Hog cookie cutter, but it doesn't compare to those.

    1. Dawn -- Did you try that Fool Proof Pan Pizza yet? I need to make that this week. :-) I've loved everything that Kenji creates.

    2. Louise I don't remember that pan.
      And you need to do a food blog if only for all the wonderful recommendations you lend to me; others would LOVE your ideas and all your creations!

  14. So many of your Trader Joe's purchases fill my shopping cart as well. That cookie butter is dangerous:wonderful for baking( interchangeable with Biscoff) and addictive by the spoonful!(warning: the TJ nutbutter doesn't bake the same as nutella.) Have you tried the frozen mashed sweet potato (and regular mashed potato) that comes in little discs? You take out as many as you want for a portion then zap. Really good.

  15. Oh man I bought a couple Cadbury eggs the other day. Part of me thinks it's too early but the majority of me just wants to eat them anyway.

    I've had the TJs roasted coconut chips and they were good, not great. I love coconut, but I was expecting them to be a bit.. crispier I guess?

  16. Yeah... It looks like I'll be trying some new things at TJ's soon. I love those Ikea chairs they are so cute.

    Now I have a craving for Five Guys.

  17. Now that we have Trader Joes I can try out your suggestions rather than just drooling. I saw the cookie butter, it was already on my must try list. Now I will have to try your recipe with it as well. It is very drool worthy.


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