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There are a couple food blogs that I adore simply because of their amazing cake decorating and cookie decorating skills.
I have none of these skills.
I keep meaning to sign up for a class; at least a basic class on "how to decorate a darn cake".
Ever notice you hardly ever see any "frosted" cakes or "decorated" cookies on my blog?
Yeah, there's a reason for that.

This is from "The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle"
Those are her Christmas gift cookies!
Look at that detail.  I want to do this!  I must do this!
This is from Bake at 350.  She is the decorating cookie guru.
Elf on the Shelf cookies.  How cute?
And her peppermint candy cookies.
Bake at 350 (Bridget Edwards) has her first book out:
Decorating Cookies cover 500
We need to do an interview with her, don't we?
All that talent, I must ask her lots and lots of cookie decorating questions!

I also adore I Am Baker.  Look at this cake that she created.
It has a surprise inside!
And go see her most recent cake post, it's another gorgeous cake decorating tutorial.

Do you like Grape Nuts? I don't, I feel as though I'm eating rocks. But here's a recipe
to make your own grape nuts at home.  (aka quarry oats).
Pumpkin spice palmiers from serious eats
Candy cane peppermint truffles from liv life
my go-to power smoothie (really good) from organic authority
interview with nyc prep school chef (love this, we need more of these people!) from food republic
9 surprising places to find probiotics from blisstree
should we ice injuries? from marks daily apple
wonderful interview w/ david lebovitz: your man in paris from food republic
how to inspire your brain from intent blog
6 anti-inflammatory foods that work like aspirin or NSAIDS from blisstree
holiday food gift ideas you can make from theKitchn
gift guide for the cheese lover from serious eats
10 ways to meditate for those who don't meditate (love this!!) from greatist
do friendly bugs fight fat? from vital choice
is frankenwheat haunting your diet? from intent blog
homemade dinner rolls in the crockpot from theKitchn
how to make homemade cultured butter from theKitchn
how to create what you want in 2013 from intent blog
wooden sushi set--so cute! from dwell studio

my energy has been low lately; this happens to me every winter when the sun is non-existent here in new england. I started using these B Caps from Twinlab for about a week now and have noticed a good increase in my energy levels.
I LOVE these! Found at Target.
Dove peppermint bark is good, not that minty though.
Everyone had these white chocolate peppermint M&M's, and of course I wanted them. Hard to find here on cape cod, but Target had them.
They are tasty, and of course go perfect in sugar cookies.
Seriously!  Do I even need to comment on these?  Delish!
I love Trader Joe's. Don't you?  Best new products, like every week!
These are ok, not ginger-y enough.
Didn't try these, who has?
Heavenly minty air.
A multi pack of Joe Joe's.
Kind of waxy.  Might be good in a crust for an ice cream cake though.
Have yet to try these.
Very good!
Oh my goodness, these were insanely good! Ate them all in one day.
whipping cream from a box.  afraid to try this one.  have you?
Anyone tried these?
this was ok, far cheaper than any other brands.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You make me so happy I can't stand it! You are so share-y and good!

  2. I just got the Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies today and tried one. They're pretty good, but I'm not blown away by them. I feel like the chocolate and the cookie don't complement each other as well as they could and I thought they were a tiny bit hard (they might have just been cold though). It's probably better to buy the tub of triple ginger snaps and dip them in chocolate at your own discretion.

  3. I dont have the patience to decorate cookies! Those are all beautiful. Yayyy for tjs everything

  4. You should try TJs regular gingerbread men with white fudge coating. I have bought them for years now and love them.

  5. Great links and shares! (Love Trader Joe's!)

  6. Girl I am soooo glad I'm out of the country and not by a TJs. In San Diego I live like 1 mile from one! Right before I left for this trip, I went thru there to pick up a 72% choc bar to bring down here with me and saw all these seasonal products and it was torture not buying them - I wanted all of them! The caramellows and minty marshmallows especially!

  7. I admire the skill and patience that these beautiful cookies add to a cookie tray over the holidays. Let the celebrating begin!!

  8. I always love your Friday roundups - they are such a delicious hodgepodge of, you know, DELICIOUS THINGS! And thanks for your tip on the B vitamins - I could use an extra shot of energy these days!

    1. Meagan, they really do work. Give it almost a week and make sure to take them with food and water.

  9. Love the Trader Joe's photo tour :) Do you use your phone camera to snap pictures in the store? I always feel like people are looking at me when I take a photo of a package in a store...I can hear security on the intercom...'photo taker, aisle 5'!
    I have tried the boxed whipping cream, and it tasted just fine, for the price (I think under $1.50) it's a good thing to have in your pantry. It is thick coming out of the package, but with a quick whisk it's ready to go. Next trip I'm looking for those baked Alaskas, they look delicious! Thanks for the idea!

    1. oh thank you maggie!
      I just use my iphone.
      I do get a lot of stares but I just don't care what they think lol

  10. The problem with cookies and cakes that look so beautiful is that I don't want to destroy them by eating them. But I really appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into them. I want to eat everything that you featured here (except the vitamins, of course.) ;)

  11. Ditto on the comment above about the TJs gingerbread men that have white chocolate on the back. They come in a box. They are fabulous. You get a little spicy afterglow after eating them. And I think they have tiny crystallized ginger bits in them.

  12. Alright, I'm running to TJoe's.
    I must have the pep-baked Alaska & the pep macarons and the hazel-coco cookies and the kona shortbread aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand whatever else I happen to find!

  13. I wish I could decorate cookies. Beautiful!

  14. Are the TJ's Caramallows like Mallowmars? Since you're in New England, have you tried Grape Nut Pudding, an old diner tradition?

    1. they kind of are
      but a little less chocolate; has a thin coating of chocolate


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