friday links

Happy Friday!
I'm really happy its friday, what a long week.

Starting off this friday links is one very important link.
All about Body Wisdom. Such a great read, so insightful.
I think you'll go back to it again and again like I do.

And if you need ways to boost your self esteem.

I'm beginning to really love Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.
Here is greatist routine from the people at Greatist.com.

Behold the mighty power of the avocado.

Can you imagine we put this in our personal ads?
Found on Pinterest.
6 very scary things hiding in your food.

10 life changing tips from Deepak.

Good food on a tight budget. LOVE this site.
Make sure to bookmark this one.

Lyme disease prevention & tips.

Gender differences in fat metabolism.

Have an abundance of zucchini?
Zucchini cookies!

Chocolate covered cake on a stick!
Photo from Cakespy.com

Peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwiches.
Wait till you see the photo. Incredible.

Homemade salt water taffy that you can do. Easy.
I will be trying this.

Enamelware pie set.
Just love this website: terrain.com

And these tumblers.

9 ways fingernails can reflect your health.
I don't know about this, seems kind crazy to base it all on the health of a fingernail?

The secret pool in the Woolworth Building.

Taste test: Serious Eats does a taste test of the top 9 green juices.

Lose your cooking/baking mojo?
Tips to get it back.

DIY (and far healthier) blueberry cereal bars.
From molly sheridan.

I've been eating ice cream every other day for a few weeks now (mint oreo).
I do love summer.

Milk tea sherbet (from seriouseats.com)

Books I want to read (click on image for info):

And lastly, a HILARIOUS spoof on the new iphone 5.
The iphone for foodies.
Siri can now recognize the food you eat!

Have a great weekend!


  1. great links - the zuke cookies and PB & J - wow, I need that!

    happy weekend, doll!

  2. Avocado is amazing! You always leave me craving ice cream!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! Loving the photos of the food and that singles posting sign. haha

  4. Great Friday collection.
    I love terrain. There is a store about an hour away from me, it is on to go to list.


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