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Happy Friday!

Time to share some good finds.

Surprising uses for bananas.

Shopping for gluten free foods? There's an app for that.

West Nile Virus. What you need to know (I didn't know all this and had to share it with you).

Most people who go gluten free, don't have celiac disease

Need some exercise inspiration?
Meet "walking wally" from my neck of the woods. He's just amazing. Click here to find out why. Go Wally! (from myfoxboston.com )

Trader Joe food recalls.

Time saving freezer tips.

As much as I love IKEA for their cheap furniture, some of the bookcases are ugly.
Here are some wonderful ideas to spruce that up.

I love this!
DIY (very easy) alternative to a childrens sand box.
DIY rice box. Genius.

Casting call with Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.

DIY Magnetic Wall. (from apartmenttherapy.com)

Gorgeous summer prints from society6.com

Steps to overcome the fear of judgement.

Best foods for a healthy weight (from Dr. Weil).

Reasons why we have bad dreams.

Does coffee decrease insulin sensitivity?

Whimsical fingernail landscapes. (Image from Alice Bartlett)

Sisters recreate their childhood photographs.

The Cake Man himself Duff Goldman is opening up DIY cake shops.
Where they bake you create!!
Excellent idea--brilliant.

Easy, super easy DIY baklava.

For all those fresh from the garden tomatoes?
You need to use this Maple-Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Bacon Potato Skins!

Homemade mallow cookies!

I needed to incorporate more leafy greens into my diet.
Tried this double-green smoothie recipe from Whole Foods.
It's really quite good.

Tomato tarte tatin (from 101cookbooks.com)

If you ever get the stomach bug, cold, flu, etc. You need to give this a go.
One of the strongest probiotics I've ever seen and had. It works, trust me.
Found at Whole Foods.
Dahlicious Lassi.

This was so good. I need to recreate this at home.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the fingernail landscapes and the sisters recreating photos. I'm getting together with my two sisters next week, now I've got to go through those old albums!

  2. love this list from DIY baklava to TJs recalls to banana uses

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for the link :)
    Also about educating us about bananas and west nile virus! hehe

  4. Thats one crazy fingernail!

  5. Love your Friday links, Dawn. I click on nearly every one. I am NOT making those mallow cookies because I'd eat the entire batch.

  6. My fav post! I am going to check out the banana info now

  7. Hello, there! It took me awhile, but I finally saw this post. Thanks so much for the link-up! I've enjoyed looking around your blog, it's lovely!


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