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Happy Friday!

Time for the weekend.

deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie

Remember the skillet chocolate chip cookies I made?
Making cookies via the cast iron is growing in popularity.
Here are a few more creations using the good old cast iron skillet (from thekitchn.com)

Deep Fried Banana Bread (photo from thekitchn.com)

10 foods that help heal your injuries faster

Reuse those old tic tac containers to store spices. Very clever!

Have you tried this raw coconut water?
It's crazy expensive, but really tasty.
Not watered down at all and has a hint of nuttiness to it.
A real treat if you love pure coconut water. I save up just to buy this. It's that good!
Very good for you too.

How to make smoked salmon at home. Excellent tutorial.
Imagine the money you could save making it at home?

Hate soggy bottom fruit crisps?

My friend at SprinkleBakes.com has a wonderful video on how to make coffee caviar at home.
I promise you it's so simple.
Trust me, you'll be doing this in no time.

Superfood: pineapple (yes really)

What are the best flours for which homemade breads?

Google maps tour of famous authors' homes

Marilyn Monroe's unpublished personal poetry

What's up with all that Kinesio Tape on the volleyball players at the Olympics?

The Olympics: Their Golden Years (love this!)


Your Olympic athlete body match quiz.

Use chopsticks as a cooking tool in the kitchen.

Oprah Winfrey's favorite brain foods.

New finds at Trader Joe's:

Salty, dry sausage is your thing (like me)? Then you'll love this.

Not good at all :-(


Dangerously addicting.

These aren't bad. They tend to be a little dry. So I defrost them a bit then fry them in a touch of oil as opposed to baking them. Also, really good in scrambled eggs.

How to make bubble tea at home.

Biographile.com is holding a short memoir contest.
You could win a nice package of Julia Child books.

Good Read Finds (just click on image for info):

When listening to your body doesn't work. Part 1 and Part 2

Are we programmed to be happy?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. im actually glad ive never noticed those TJs smores before - dangerous indeed!

    and those deep fried banana bites - swoon! I WANT!

  2. Happy weekend to you too! I am mesmerized by coffee caviar, I wonder if it is doable with agar instead if gelatin...

  3. I had to stop going to Trader Joe's after discovering those S'Mores last year. They are SO GOOD!

  4. Owwwwwwwww- I want to try those TJs falafel! They have the best products

  5. Been wanting to try that mini blueberry cheesecake thing from TJs. I'm just afraid it will melt in the short walk home!

  6. DeeP fried Banana Bread.
    Are you serious? WOWwwwww.

  7. Lovely food and links!




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