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Happy Friday! I've got a lot to share with you--let's just jump right in!

Frozen, boozey drinks? Yes please. How about some that don't require a lot of work? Yes please!
Well that's what I found when I came across this fabulous book Poptails by erin nichols, our blogging friend from erincooks.com
Poptails is a one of a kind book that features all the best cocktails in frozen-on-a-stick form. With 60 boozy recipes and 20 full-color photos. These adult treats are perfect for pool parties and barbecues. This is an excellent book for the hostess that wants to stay hip without a ton of work.

Some of the top ones include:
tequila sunrise
irish coffee
bellini (my favorite)
red wine sangria


Wicked watermelon pg. 82

sweet manhattan pg. 54

My latest obsession from Trader Joe's. Have you tried these? So good.


Newest flavor from Salty Oats. Clever little bakers!


17 Tips to make your life easier. (these are good ones, not the boring stupid repeat ones--you'll use these)

which steaks are best served rare?

how to tell if your adrenals are fatigued (plus how to support them)

How to Eat Like Your Favorite Authors

amateur gourmet has a new cookbook coming out: Secrets of the Best Chefs.

where food goes in the fridge. what do you think? Is this right?

everyone wants a "sushi bazooka"! I do.

6 Tips to Help You Tap into Your Intuition

brownie sundae bon bons from bakerella.com

excellent tips on making homemade ice cream from food & wine

Egg-Free Ice Cream. A120430 FW Well Being/Gastronaut Aug 2012

Great video on the makings of "Notes from a Kitchen: A Journey Inside Culinary Obsession"

This is interesting. 10 Common Food Combinations that Wreck Havoc on Your Health. Have you experienced this?

LOVE these spice kits from plantbrooklyn.com

Chopsticks for the chopstick impaired (for my hubby, found them at Market Basket on cape cod)


Homemade sugar cones from annies-eats.com

Top 5 Places you can't go . Loved this!

Homemade funnel cakes to make at home. Way better than the greasy carnival kind. From Macheesmo.com

I finally saved up enough money to get a new iphone.
Was more than excited to start talking to Siri.


Unique temporary tattoo's

My local airfield place (cape cod airfield) has a couple new planes on their lot.
The red one is available for biplane rides.
I am SO saving up for this one--you have no idea how badly I want to do this! BUCKET LIST bad!
The DC 3 is not available for rides, sadly. Cool right?



I have some new friends in my backyard.


Went to a local greek festival here on cape cod. As always great food, great people, good times.


And after a greek fest one should always close the night off with ice cream.


Have a great weekend!



  1. love the greek fest pics and the LAST pic -- YES!!!

    omg those nuts from TJs - i did an entire POST about them once b/c I was addicted to them - like seriously! I gave myself the worst stomach ache for like 2 weeks b/c I was polishing off bags and bags of those things - so good, and so bad :)

  2. i'm heading your way tonight and i can't wait!

  3. mmm a Greek festival! Deliciousness. Poptails? Great idea. I need to buy those nuts- I've heard several say they're fab

  4. Greek festivals make me so happy. Thanks for the link on 17 tips to make life easier. I need life to be easier right now. xo

  5. I love all the pictures. All the yumminess. But the best one it the last one- feet resting and the view of the beach.


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