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It's Friday and it's time for the holiday weekend to BEGIN.
I'm so happy. We (cape cod) finally have sun.
Our springs consist mainly of rain, rain, then 1 day of sun, then more rain.
It's taxing on the mood for sure.

Cape Cod national seashore, down by nauset lighthouse.



We had a lot of rain, gloom and darkness for the past three weeks. So glad it's gone!


Deep sea fishing boats in harwich port, ma are ready for the season.

Our town was conducting gas line testing. I had to capture this on photo, it was such an intense flame and the magnitude of heat that came off it was frightening. I was about 200 feet or more away and could easily feel the intense heat.

From around the web:

One week coffee is good for you and the next week it's not. Here's another article on how coffee can deter skin cancer? On the fence with this one.

How to plant an upside down tomato planter (this way looks so much easier).

Dental x-rays linked to common brain tumor? Hmmm.

Homes in bizarre places. The cement factory converted into a home is wild.

An article on how long a nap should last. LOL!! (as if)

Aren't these ocean art prints so pretty? Perfect for a white wall bathroom or office. From Society6.com

For the wanderlust in all of us, how about this one? A reminder to get outside and travel. Also from Society6.com

This one I love. If I could collect maps (new and old) for a living I would. I have a small bathroom that just begs for this wallpaper. Check out the other wallpapers, quite unique and will give you some great ideas next time you go wallpaper shopping. From Lonnymag.com

Grilled chicken recipes for weekend grilling. From Seriouseats.com

Swedish meatballs done right. Not those soggy, mushy crappy kind. These are done by chef marcus samuelsson.

Are you a macaroni salad lover? I am too, but I'm fussy and want the flavorful kind. Here is a list of good ones, more importantly: macaroni cobb salad! Bookmarked!

This video on youtube is AMAZING!. If you're afraid of heights do not click. If not, then enlarge that screen.

Want to try a different BBQ sauce this holiday weekend? How about tandori BBQ sauce?

Avoid depression while bathing suit shopping! Some good tips (I think).

Energy drinks they do cause depression--this one I firmly believe. All those chemicals are just not good for you. Great article.

Excellent round up of mango recipes from whole foods.

Recently I tried one of the Blue Print Juice raw drinks. They aren't bad. This one pictured has beet juice in it and I thought I would gag, but I didn't. Would love to try the whole cleanse routine; pricey little suckers though.

MIT engineers solve the problem of backed-up ketchup bottle. Hmmm. (love that it took an engineer to solve this) .

Plant eater paradise: 2012 Best Summer Cookbooks.

Ice cream recipes that need NO ice cream maker. Excellent list.

True cost of eating healthier? Guess what? It's cheaper!

One of the best buttermilk dressings I've come across. Heirloom tomato-basil salad with buttermilk dressing. From whole foods.


Eat Raw Eat Well: Excellent book on eating more raw foods. Nothing crazy or wild, no crazy grocery lists to be had. It's really all about a gentle way to ease you into more raw food eating that actually tastes good. I was quite shocked at how all the recipes looked good.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Don't forget to enter the cookbook giveaway for the book Pie It Forward from Gesine Bullock-Prado. Did you read the interview? Good reads.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Loving all the great recipe ideas for the weekend- whoop!

  2. cape cod. summer. want to be there!

  3. Great roundup and what spectacular opening pics! WOW!!!! So gorgeous. I hate overcast but photographically, your overcast pics are stunning, too! But bring on the sunshine for me! Have a great weekend!

  4. love those pictures, even the ones with the fog ;)

  5. I just book marked a buttermilk dressing recipe to go with tomatoes.

    Can I just say I love Cape Cod. Fell in love with it when I was 18 -first time there. I have been there a few times since. I could seriously live there. I dont mind the cold or the rain for that matter. Just to trade it for some of that scenery would be a dream for me.

    About that fire- that is interesting. To feel the heat from so far away.

  6. Such gorgeous pictures - we just got back from MV's and your pics make me want to turn around and explore the rest of the Cape!


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