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Here in the new england we've had a lot of rain and cloudy days. Starts to take it toll on one's sanity. On the horizon though summer is right around the corner--which I hope means more sunny days. Other signs of spring here on cape cod mean the swans have had their babies. I was lucky enough to get these photos as both the mommy and daddy are fiercely protective. Even coming within 20 feet of them they start to hiss and charge. So with my handy little iphone I was able to snap these photos.
And if you look closely at first photo (left swan) there is a baby on the back, hidden under the feathers; the head is sticking out. I watched the baby climb up onto the wing, the swan (the mom I think) then lifted the baby up to her back and the baby swan snuggled in. It was one of the most touching moments I'd seen in a while.

This is chatham, mass, down by the chatham fish pier market. Boats are beginning to resurface.

A clammer heading over to Tern Island to dig up some steamers.

Cape Cod National Seashore is just breathtaking when the sun finally does shine on cape cod.

One lone surfer going to a surf just before sunset at Nauset Lighthouse Beach.

Another clammer digging away at Corporation Beach in Dennis.

Ice cream season has begun! And I'm already indulging, a little too much lately. We have a new ice cream joint in Sandwich, The Shipwreck in Sandwich, MA, down by the sandwich marina. Prices and ice cream aren't too bad. This size, in the photo is a small! On sunny days the lines are long, but that comes with the territory of good ice cream. The Shipwreck Ice Cream (no website) 2 Freezer Road, Sandwich, MA down just before the entrance to the sandwich marina.

Found a new love for energy bars. This one is by Bonk Breakers. Really good, and does not taste like a chemically energy bar. All wholesome ingredients too. The best one was the almond butter-honey. Tried contacting them for a product review and giveaway, no response yet. Fingers crossed!

Next Organics new chocolate covered ginger are ok. Really sweet in the middle. I think if they did not use as much sugar in the middle with the ginger it would taste good.

My latest Trader Joe obsession are the vegetable pakoras smothered in tzatziki.

Heard really good reviews about the new Stonewall Kitchen coconut curry sauce. Anyone tried it yet?

Recipe fail. I tried using nutella inside a berry pie. It came out horrid tasting. The nutella when baked with the fruit had a taste of burnt nutella. Not good.

Need to recreate these little gems. Oh these are good. From Lark Fine Foods.

From around the web:

Found a wonderful recipe for homemade vegan ice cream bars from veggie-wedgie.com. Wait till you see the photo!

Lays potato chips now has BLT flavored chips? That sounds so good. I love anything bacon flavored. Anyone tried them?

Cornflake crumbles from Serious Eats. Like little crunchy type muffins. Don't these look good?

Son-in-law eggs -- Thai style.

The classic Coca-Cola cake. I never tire looking at it.

Summer cocktail season will soon be here. Here is a rhubarb-ginger drink that's already bookmarked. (isn't that color fabulous?)

Waffle furniture (edible). Love this.

Small scale remodeling to help you plan out your next remodel. Yay or nay? Not sure.

Garden hose storage that's easy to do for non-DIY'ers like me.

And this is my favorite, when I first showed this to my friends on facebook, they all screamed in horror. I love this idea for a bathroom. You?

There are times when I get asked to review a cookbook and I simply cannot wait.
This would be one of those times.
Received this little gem in the mail and fell in love with it because it's all about quick and easy baking with a huge dose of creativity, as well as the option to be make it healthy. I mean the ideas are endless on what one can do with a muffin pan.
Muffin Tin Chef is a very creative look at making meals, snacks, and even desserts using a muffin pan! I highly recommend this book--very creative and not full of fat.

click meclick me

You can make everything from peach stuffed french toast, lasagna rolls, taco cups, and no-bake mini cheesecakes! All with a muffin tin! With summer heat just around the corner, this little kitchen staple cookbook will be a lifesaver for fast and easy meals that aren't boring. And the best part, is that most of the recipes are semi-healthy, not a lot of fat or junk is used. The author Matt Kadey is a registered dietitian who has done a few articles for Mens Health, Womens Health, Shape, Prevention, Eating Well, etc... So you know he took the time to develop good recipes with a healthy edge. His mission was to make you see that muffin tins are not just for cupcakes and muffins.

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Have a great weekend! Don't forget to watch the supermoon this saturday night (may 5, 2012). It's going to be a beauty.


  1. We've been reading a lot of the same articles! We have good taste, I've got to say. Nice beach photos!

  2. Muffin tin recipes..I love that idea!

    And those bonk breakers, new to me. There are SOoooo many types of bars and snacks out there. Good to know that one is okay.

    And that sauce looks great; I don't do well with too much sodium so typically don't bar jarred sauces but the coconut, mmm.

    Stunning pics, sweetie!

  3. Bonk Breakers looked good, but jeesh...the sodium...the sugar...the CALORIES!!!!
    i'm speechless...now. will take a pass!

  4. I love those swan pictures... and the beach ones and the food ones... damn... I love this whole post!

  5. Oh my goodness. That chocolate ice cream.. I die.

  6. TJ's chocolate covered ginger will ALWAYS and forever be my favorite! I've yet to have any that comes close!

  7. Swan photos are darling Glad you were able to get close enough to take them!

    I just started a new food blog - check it out please...www.hardtimeskitchen@blogspot.com

  8. wonderful photos! the chocolate ice cream looks so good! And nice different food finds!

  9. That photo of the moon is gorgeous!! Saturday's was quite lovely as well. We lucked out with a clear night!



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