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Today is a special day for me. One of my good friends Jill from Scary Mommy is our featured guest post. And as many of you already know Jill is almost set to release her first book: Scary Mommy. It will be available April 3, 2012!
Thrilled to pieces for her and like I've always said, "its about time" her writings about her daily adventures in parenting-does-not-have-to-be-perfect come to fruition and into a book. What I adore about this book is the fact that she included many confessionals from real people; showing that they, just like Jill (and her hubby) are not perfect at parenting. There is a part in this book that everyone can relate to.
Many of you may know Jill from her infamous blog scarymommy.com, where she writes all things motherhood: the good, the bad, and the scary. Sure it's honest with a huge dose of humor but it's honesty mixed in with reality and how she deals with the hard hits of motherhood. She's even developed an anonymous confessional for everyone to chime in on their horrid, happy and scary thoughts of parenthood: fears and all. Let's call it a wonderful way to relieve parenthood-stress anonymously and know that you are not alone when one of your worst fears arises....again and again and again.
How honest is Jill in her writings? Take a look at Chapter 4 titled: "are they really letting me take this thing home with me?" How many mothers can relate to that? Apparently millions, as Jills' website averages about 1.5 millions hits per month.


There's also a "Scary Mommy Society" forum for other “scary mommies,” blogging newcomers, and parenting and non-parenting people alike with something important to share in a community setting. With it's huge popularity there is an 8-week waiting list. But don't let that stop you.
I was lucky enough to steal some time from Jill during her hectic schedule (did you know that she wrote this book in a matter of a couple months? Crazy publisher deadlines! And she has three children? She's crazy, full of energy, honest about her parenting decisions/roles, and I love her that way. I asked her to answer a few questions for me and her fans--let's just get to the good stuff.


I know that you are a very busy mom of three children, you had to write a book in was it 2-3 months? How on earth did you stay focused when it came time to write? I ask this because sometimes when you plan out the writing it’s a lot harder to focus!

Basically, I just didn't sleep. Plus, I was a complete bitch to everyone in my real life. Writing is not something that comes all that naturally to me, so I'd just have to ride the wave when I felt inspired, and get the rest of my life done when there was a lull in my creativity. But, I highly recommend not writing a book in a few short months. It was all far from ideal.

I, and I’m sure all your fans, just love how open and honest you are in your writings. Are there times where you wish you wouldn’t have said something or wanted to take it back ?

I'm sure there are times that my mother wishes I wasn't so honest, but for me, there's no point in writing if I can't do it honestly. It is a little strange thinking that my kids' teachers read about my vibrator, so instead of censoring myself, I just don't think about who's reading. If I did, I'd never write a thing.

You know I’m a foodie, and I know you are too, so I gotta ask: what are your favorite foods?
Are there any dishes that you’re known for?

I could live on Thai food. Thai iced tea, spring rolls, satay, curry, noodles... all of it. It's my absolute favorite food in the universe. Just thinking about it makes me drool (thanks, Dawn.) I do love cooking, although I am one of the world's worst bakers. I've perfected my caramelized onion pizza over the years and it's pretty kick ass. If I'm cooking for a group, Chicken Marbella is usually the way I go and my favorite dessert to make is a Kaluah dip from my husband's family. It has three unimpressive ingredients, but is ridiculously delicious. Plus, it gives you a nice buzz if you eat enough of it. Win/win.

Have you done any public speaking yet? I know for me speaking in front of a crowd is a bit scary. Do you have any fears on public speaking?

I've done some. I don't love it, but I actually enjoy it more than public listening. If I'm in an audience, I want to fall asleep. At least if I'm speaking, I know I won't snore.

In your poem post, that mirrors the book “Go the F**K to Sleep", you say its inspiration from your hubby. I know your husband is used a lot in your writings. I admire his thick skin, but I admire that you aren’t afraid to speak about it. Don’t you wish more people were as open and honest as you are in their writings about married life?

Jeff is a really, really good sport in a way that I could never, ever be. And, no, I don't. I need to be unique, somehow!

If you and your hubby could go on vacation (kid free), anywhere, for free, where would it be and why?

Since we're talking fantasy land here, Moorea, which is an island off of Tahiti. We went there on our honeymoon and it was the most gorgeous place I've ever been. The beaches, the smell of flowers everywhere, the food... The distance and cost will keep us away for as long as I can imagine, but I would love to go back. It was heavenly.

I know there are a lot of people out there that admire you and your zest/zing for “honest blogging”. I’ve gotten a couple people ask me to ask you what advice would you give someone who wants to take up blogging about their crazy life?

For the first three years of blogging, I saw little reward. I always treated it like a job, but until recently, it just didn't pay. (Not that the pay now is anything to shout from the rooftops, but at least it's something.) So, until the last year, I had to remind myself that if it wasn't fun, it wasn't worth it. That would be my advice to someone looking to start a blog: Have fun. For most people, this won't become a career, so just enjoy it. If it ever becomes a chore or a stress, it's time to reevaluate.

Do you see yourself (and we hope to see this as well) in a sitcom on TV? Chronicles’ of Scary Mommy?

It's definitely something I've fantasized about! It's a huge long shot, but the fact that I wrote a book is proof that you never know where life will lead. :)

Thank you Jill! How can you not love her? Mazel Jill and Jeff!

Jill is gearing up for book signing appearances. To learn more her tour date click here and to pre-order her book click here.

Lastly, I was super-duper lucky enough to have Jill use one of my favorite recipes
for a few of her upcoming book parties. To find out what it is head on over to Scary Mommy.

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Congrats to the winners of the book "Baking Basics & Beyond" Sara #16 and Lisa #45. You won. Look for an email from me soon to get your address! Congrats!


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  4. Such a wonderful interview, you two!

  5. Loved this post. I'm so glad my child-rearing days are over. I was so young, I didn't even realize how scary it was. :)

    (Loved and adored the blueberry-cheesecake fritters. In fact, regret having scrolled down to see what I missed. :) )

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