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Did you hear that interview on NPR with writer Jonah Lehrer on his book "Imagine: Fostering Creativity in the Workplace"? It's about how innovative thoughts originate and explains how some companies are now working to create environments where they're more likely to occur. He delves into why certain scenarios work (instantly) for the brain to be more creative. Very interesting, and of course we all knew that being less stressed let's the creativity flow better.

More terrarium love. How cute? Right.
From uncommon goods.

Bubble terrarium from sprout home.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Here's a good summary on it: the why, the what, and how.

I just love when I find gorgeous websites about famous gardens from around the world--well lost gardens actually. This one is The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

These 'french sneakers' are becoming popular. I may have to get a pair. What do you think? Like or ? They are called french sneakers or bensimon sneakers?

I want this bag. From Swell.com. One of my favorite sites.

server (3)
Or this bag. A little market bag aka bamboula.

Colbie ballerinas. Perfect for spring. I love you anthropologie, but your prices have to come down a bit.

This dress is so cute. A sundown crochet maxi from anthropologie.

cute right? another one from swell.com

server (2)
The striped tee dress from madewell. Super comfy looking.

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A studio sweatdress is just what I've been looking for to pair with leggings. Cute. From madewell.com

Sombrero style sheets from anthropolgie. I mean seriously, these are so fun. Check out the detail in the pillowcases--those little sombrero's! Click on link for larger, more detailed photos. I think I have to get these.

Tell me this lush landscape quilt won't brighten up any room? Fabulous! From anthropologie.

Mad Men is back this Sunday. Do you watch? There is already a Mad Men Cookbook out! It's kind of wild. Did anyone get this book yet?

Personally I would LOVE this vintage cocktail book instead. Now this looks fabulous.

How about the ultimate Mad Men Playlist from Rolling Stone?

Make me Mod! Top 10 Mad Men Essentials. From a fun collectors website.

Are these not fabulous for summer grilling? Love love love. From crate & barrel.

One of the best things in life (to me) are those first few days of spring in new york city. I just love the energy, the weather, the streets opening back up, the people are in good moods. I think this article does and says it best with it's words and photos.

You know those peanut butter granola bars by Nature's Valley? The new ones that have a pb coating on them? I found a recipe on how to make that pb coating.

Cleaning my cast iron pan. Well, it never happens, then I have to take it to the carwash to sandblast it with water. No, not really, but almost. Here's a good tip for cleaning cast iron and how to re-season it.

There are now apps (I did not know this) for helping you decorate your house or room. Fascinating. When I have money to decorate AND to buy an ipad, I will definitely get this!

Gourmet magazine has some of the best tips I've seen in a long time for homemade sushi rolls at home. Super simple. I've seen tips before that were just awful and cumbersome. Not this one.

Jen over at Use Real Butter has made the ULTIMATE california roll burger. I swear this woman is genius.

I was wondering when this would happen. Grilled cheese doughnut.

Grilled cheese hard boiled eggs. That's bananas and I would totally try it!

And use those bananas to help ripen your avocados!

Have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans? I plan on going here, a lot.


Hang with these guys for a while.


Loving the summer-march in the northeast.

cape cod national seashore (my favorite place to chill)


  1. Love your friday fun stuff! I have to get a pair of those french sneakers. I haven't heard that NPR interview, will be checking it out shortly, however I have seen a video on google's 24hrs to do whatever you want pr month plan. The creativity and productivity done within those 24 hours is astounding. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I ordered that Mad Men cookbook! Still waiting for it to get here. Will let you know if it's any good. It got great reviews!

    Love your Friday fun stuff!

  3. thank you! i love putting these friday fun stuff together, but always wonder if anyone reads them.
    i should just have another blog just for shoe links!

  4. I got my brother the mad men cookbook for Christmas...and now I'm thinking of stealing it back from him. :P

    Happy weekend, love!

  5. Omg I love everything about this post but I keep trying to click off to a site, then I lose your page, then I have to try to get back. Something wonky with the right-click...I can't just right-click to open like the 17 tabs that I need to...everything you posted rocks. The purses, that Anthro quilt, the shoes, the PB Coating...swoon!!!!

    Happy weekend, sweetie!

  6. I love Mad Men and can't wait for the new season! I've seen people talking about the cookbook, wonder what's in it? They don't eat on the show, so is it a DRINK book? Hmm. Love all your pictures!!

  7. aw, i got all nostalgic looking at your cape photos - it's been a while since i've gone home. :) so many amazing links, wow. i can't wait to peruse! happy weekend!

  8. Mad Men is my secret guilty pleasure. My Bro and SIL hosted a huge Mad Men party and we all dressed the theme. Fantastic night. Love the drinks!!

  9. I love your Friday posts! I wish there was a way to open each link in a seperate window without leaving your site- I hate having to click on things one by one and then backtracking to your site to see the rest. Any way to fix that??

    1. oh boy, no idea.
      not quite web savvy on that.
      when i go to other websites i just hit the back button or highlight it and click on the point where i was at.
      i'll look into it though.......


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