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Normally I do not believe in this stuff, but I gotta be honest it's so spot on. Now that I'm older and a tad bit wiser (we hope) I'm reading it more thoroughly.
About 10 years ago I got this book: The Secret Language of Birthdays. Sure I got it for the surprise, the wow factor, the 'let's see what celebrities have my birthday' (Jim Henson and F. Scott Fitzgerald). Neat right? The book breaks down your birthday into sections of: those born on this day have this and that element about them, they should excel at this, stay away from that, then goes into number & planets (which I still don't understand), then into tarot, then Health (which I love), then personal advice, and finally your own personal strengths & weaknesses. The book also is filled with charts galore on the 48 periods, the grand cycle, the four elements, the ten plants, etc...oh all those charts I still don't understand. But it's the individual birthday readings that I'm digging. It's a big book, a really big book.
Every time I have friends over and they see that book they delve into it to find out if what they are is true; sitting there for a couple hours reading away....

But I never really read the fine print stuff about your own health, wellness, diet, exercise, things/people/places to stay away from, ideas/dreams you should pursue...until now. What struck a huge cord with me was the food recommendations: it told me to stay far far away from processed foods. That these take a huge toll on my body and while this is certainly true for everyone, it really rang hard for me as over the course of halloween and thanskgiving I indulged in way too many bad foods and was on the borderline of depression. I finally took this advice to heart and just starting eating cleaner and have had much better results. Sure this can be said for everyone though. The book also explained my "creative side of food creation"; stating that those born on this day have a very imaginative brain without really trying or thinking about it. True! Here's an example of Dec 18., no not my bday, just a random example to show you (there is a lot more; hard to fit this all in one or two photos).

Picnik collage 4

I think you might like this book, it's not your average horriblescope reading; it's way better and will tell you stuff that just might shock, surprise and/or make you happy, but most of all make you go out there and achieve what it is you really want in life. :-)

Anyone else in love with kicked up leggings such as these? Oh I just love these leggings. So stinking cute.

Recent trip to Sephora I saw Josie Maran had some neat lip stain stuff. Kind of curious but fearful of lip stains because they are ALWAYS way too dark and sticky, chemical like. Well I had tried on her lip stain stuff and it was not sticky and read that it was free of chemicals. Didn't think much of it until hours later when I saw in the mirror that the stain was still on there. Wow. This stuff does work. I didn't get it, but had wished I did. The color I tried was the most neutral, the Mambo.

Anthropologie. What woman isn't obsessed with their stuff? I thought they were all about clothes but apparently they have a whole kitchen section too. Where I saw these cute little ceramic farmer's market baskets. Cute!

Who likes Uggs? What happened to these Uggs? I don't think sparkles are supposed to be on Uggs.

Did you see these peanut butter cupcakes? Sweet sarah.

My cooking bud Nick over at Macheesmo did a great post on tips & tricks for freezing. Perfect for this time of year really.

Do you have naughty people on your Christmas list?
Want to give them coal for Christmas?

Rum balls this time of year can be gross. Use this recipe for the perfect rum balls; these are done just right.

Mini gingerbread whoopie pies from King Arthur. I will be making these.

Speaking of mile high cupcakes. Did you see these over at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody? Hi Top Triple Chocolate Cupcakes. It has a layer of CHOCOLATE SWISS MERINQUE BUTTERCREAM in there! That is like my all time favorite--I could eat a bowl of it, no prob.

Any of my readers out there do the Primal Blueprint? Kind of like the Paleo lifestyle craze? A grain free diet? Curious to hear your thoughts on it. It's had quite a huge success rate and I firmly believe that sugar and carbs (bad carbs that is) are the enemy. It's supposed to help enormously with inflammation: that wonderful little ailment we get when we age. But what struck a chord with me most was this blog from a woman who did the primal lifestyle and blogged about it here at primal girl. I don't do a lot of carbs, except for taste testing when baking; almost off soda, really don't do a lot of pasta. But I really want to go to the next level and eat more/better choices of proteins as well as eat more veggies. To be honest I do not eat a lot of veggies and I should. I do eat a lot of fruit though.
Love to hear your thoughts.....

The recipes in the book aren't that bad really. I mean they all look really good. And I can see why one would never miss the bread, the sweets, the carbs if you ate this way.
The primal lifestyle is almost like the paleo lifestyle, but the paleo is more restrictive. No grains, legumes or dairy. While the primal has no grains, limited legumes and dairy. It would be hard for me to give up dairy--that morning espresso with milk? Oh no!
Have a fabulous weekend kids.


  1. My husband loves his birthday book (the same one you have!) and swears by its accuracy. Great list. By the way, my rum balls last year were kind of gross ;)

  2. I'm with you on the no-dairy thing. I'd be okay with soy milk, but give up cheese? No way!

  3. I have a birthday book and I love love love it! Its funny to sit around and read everyones birthdays out loud!

  4. I have that book too. It's fun to bring to baby showers to read to the mom to be the stuff on the due date of the baby to be.

  5. The birthday book sounds like fun! YES- clean foods make me feel so much better. I heart uggs...in or out of style, I'm all about their comfort!

  6. I wished we had an Anthropologie store in Ottawa. The closest is in Toronto. I love that store. Thanks for the links.

  7. I'm Paleo and I LOVE it!!!! Go strictly Paleo/Primal for 30 days and feel yourself transform for the better. Also, mark sisson is all about the heavy whipping cream (from grass-fed cows, of course), so instead of milk in your morning cup of coffee, switch to heavy cream. Don't be afraid of fat! Grok on!

  8. Yay for cleaner eating!

    I can't be trusted around anthropologie...bad things happen to my credit card.

  9. Je te souhaite une belle journée

  10. I really enjoyed your links today, and was surprised to find one to my Christmas coal! Thanks chickadee!!

    I'm going to check out that B-day book for sure!

  11. Loved this post.
    And yes, I have naughty people on my list. Two to be exact. Coal is out. Quite a problem, actually. Hate rewarding bad behavior.
    And I think I'm gonna have to buy The Secret Language of Birthdays!! Fun!

  12. wow these look so delicious and easy to make.

  13. i've never been bitten to the anthro bug, mainly b/c i never go in there knowing i can't afford anything!! i want to see what my birthday says :) i'm all for cleaner eating, and everyone will figure out's what's right for them... can't hurt to try new things/approaches!

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