My kind of Chex Mix (full of flavor and goodies)

Ever go to a party and taste the Chex Mix they have out on the table of food and wonder what happened? Did they just throw a box of Chex cereal with some peanuts and pretzels and then throw some Worcheshire sauce on it? Even the stuff they sell in thr grocery stores is not that great. When I eat Chex Mix I want flavor, and I want variety. So, I created my own.

This version has lots of flavor, a variety of crunchy things like: sesame sticks, mini cheese Ritz, pretzels, dry roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, etc.... Try it, I know you'll love it, so will your party guests.

Dawns Tangy Chex-Mix

5 cups wheat chex
5 cups rice chex
5 cups Cheez-Its or other cheese form crackers
2 - 3 cups pretzels (mini size)
3 cups of mini Ritz crackers
3 cups of sesame sticks or oat sticks (can’t find these add what you crave instead)
2 cups peanuts, dry roasted
2 cups almonds, roasted
1 cup butter melted with
1 cup Italian salad dressing (I used Newmans Family Italian)
4-5 tbls. Hot Sauce (optional but gives wonderful zip)
7 tbls. Worcestershire Sauce
Sprinkle with: garlic powder, dried chives, onion powder, and paprika
Salt & pepper

Mix together the dry ingredients in large bowl. Melt together butter, dressing on low heat. Add Tiger sauce, Worcestershire, and remaining ingredients. Stir and turn off heat allowing to cool for a few minutes.

In the meantime, heat up your oven to 250 degrees and spray two or three cookie sheets lightly with a garlic or butter flavored spray (Spray is optional). Or you can use a non-stick cookie sheets.
In a very large bowl or several bowls drizzle slowly (a little bit at a time) the liquid mixture over the dry mixture (you can do this in batches if you don’t have a large bowl—it’s not good to put all of this in one bowl and overcrowd it, since you want all the little pieces to get evenly coated). Stir, drizzle some more, etc. I really take my time mixing so that I don't make anything soggy, and everything gets well coated.

Spread in a single layer on baking sheets, sprinkle with a bit of salt & pepper before baking, then bake about 40 - 60 minutes (mine took about 40 in a convection oven).
Every 15 - 20 minutes I open the oven, stir the mix a little and close it back up. Sometimes I reverse which oven racks the pans are on.

When done, shut off the oven and open the door slightly. I leave the pans in the oven to cool and continue drying. Store in an airtight container.

Serves: about 10 – 12+ as a snack

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