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Went to a new Mexican restaurant in Hyannis El Mariachi Loco on 569 Main St., Hyannis, MA
Oh man you simply have to go here.  Authentic Mexican food, fresh fish tacos, never frozen.
I just cannot say enough good about this place.
In the photo: fish tacos, carne azada quesadillas.
I am going back JUST for the fish taco.  Its that good. ALL the sauces, hot, salsa, etc..are even homemade.
The chile de arbol--oh hello, so so good.

Almost time to just jump right in, so looking forward to summer--what a long winter we had.


Don't you love 2-bite cake slices?

Nice to be eating lunch outside again.

Have you tried?  So good, the Vietnamese is a tad sweet, but buy these two and combine them
to make it less sweet, with a touch of milk added in.

First char-grill of the season!  Its really all about the buttered-char bun isn't it?

I like to keep dinner simple & easy.

Soon to be filled with traffic!

You have to have really good walking skills here.

here too.....

So I went to the Waldorf Astoria and had a $22 burger.  Yeah it was so worth it.


Nauset Beach is looking mighty good these days.

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vintage cape cod national seashore photographs

To the man that give me a random bouquet of flowers on 5/14/2015, thank you again.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the links, as always. Yes, it was such a long winter. Those gorgeous pics almost make us forget. Almost.

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  2. Always happy to see you post! Love the links. And glad spring is here. ;-)

  3. Love the beach pics! And now I am hungry for a fish taco!

  4. I want to visit my family on Martha's Vineyard now. <3

  5. Love the pics! And yes, got to grill those hamburger buns. That burger looks divine.
    Toxic people and NE assholes: perfect descriptions. Don't know why that article is labeled exercise vs diet. Everyone knows one without the other doesn't work. Even though I live in the sunshine state, I take vit D everyday. The dr even tests me for it. Really important as you get older. Been thinking of not taking probiotic after my bottle is gone, been taking it for years. Was thinking of saving money, perhaps I better rethink that one.
    Have a great weekend, Dawn. Love your stuff on Facebook.

  6. I am a food lover and you know your collection is so perfect.



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