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Happy Friday!

Have you tried the new gourmet line of natural flavored icings by Amoretti?
They are found at Williams Sonoma
Come in these flavors: banana, blueberry, bubble gum, bulgarian rose, chocolate, coconut cream, cotton candy, eggnog, espresso, fudge brownie, gingerbread, hazelnut, key lime, lemon, maple bacon, orange cream, passion fruit, peanut praline, pecan praline, peppermint, pineapple, pistachio, pistachio praline, pumpkin pie, raspberry, red velvet, salted caramel, tiramisu, vanilla bean, wild strawberry and plain.
You can find Amoretti products (and these icings) at their online store.
I can't wait to make some pop tarts and try the icing on the top.
I recently splurged and bought one of these pricey, very pricey candy bars.
Yes it was very good, but at over $2.00 per small bar?  OUCH
Can you see this person?
He was running, ok running, on a treadmill while texting!!!
I don't know if he's talented or stupid.
Every time I tried to look over and watch, I would get dizzy on my own treadmill where I HAVE to hang on with both hands!
My favorite snack from Trader Joe's
This was really good, and I'm super fussy over Trader Joe's salads.
I saw this at Trader Joe's and put it back on the shelf!  lol
They're baaaaack!
Man these sound good!
If I bought these?....They would be gone before I got home.  Anyone tried them?
Wow, these were good.  I hope the Ginger People send me some samples and/or have a giveaway for
my fans!  Seriously tasty.  Just like a gum drop, yet with a nice layer of gentle heat.  Good for you too!
I was sent a sample of Nicciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread.
And they have seriously taken great pride and craftsmanship into creating something this tasty that is literally all natural, organic, made with hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar cane and milk.
Like a Nutella but far stronger, richer, smoother, and more satisfying.  Very rich.
You can find this in Whole Foods and most all natural food stores as well as gourmet food stores.
I put a little bit in my morning espresso--so good!
Attention chocoholics!
This cookbook is for you!
Now this would make an awesome Christmas gift for a die-hard chocolate fan.
Crazy About Chocolate by Krystina Castella is the kicked up/creative book of all things chocolate
recipes.  Very creative indeed.
Here are a few examples of what you can find inside the book:
chocolate cream cheese king cake, chocolate carrot cupcakes, cocoa spiced turkey chili, black forest brownie bites.....over 200 recipes--all chocolate!  Sweet AND savory!
Here is a sample recipe from the book: the chocolate carrot cupcakes!

Around the web:

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bacon jam & brie filled pretzel rolls
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modernist cuisine is now in an app (FINALLY!)
japanese photographer wraps couples in vacuumed sealed plastic bags 
DIY list of 24 homemade holiday gifts for the home
peanut butter cheesecake cookies
handyman tip: increase entry door security
this man has set nearly 400 guinness world records
peanut butter pretzel bon bons
snowflake fudge (so pretty)
little girl walking on ice---gah!
7 apps to ease holiday shopping (let me know if they help)
I've fallen in love with this blog: burr's bar method blog (I LOVE deep stretching became addicted to it after my physical therapy for my knees. Deep stretching helps tremendously with  leaner, stronger legs).
an open letter to paleo-diet enthusiasts (hilarious, might offend some...)
money saving tips for holiday shopping

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE when you post your fav TJs products. I want those ginger candies. That open letter to paleo dieters cracks me up. Doing Whole30 is making me insane! Bubble gum icing? Whattttt

  2. I love your Friday links --- but I had to avert my eyes to any new Trader Joe's addictions, they're killing me! (I'm looking at you, dark chocolate peanut butter cups)

  3. I tried the TJs waffle cookies and they are amazing. I did buy them last Saturday and they are still around - I find that the dark chocolate doesn't make me eat as much.

  4. I flew (not completely on my own but close) a small plane for the first time two weeks ago, the best feeling ever! I love the outfits, they're hilarious!

  5. Dawn, I won the raw foods cookbook recently and tried to send you an email with my address but the email would not go through. I posted my addy in the comments but don't know if you got it! Anyway, here it is again!
    Jan Canyon
    405 N. John F. Kennedy Ave
    Keytesville, Missouri 65261


    1. Yes I got your reply and responded to you!!!
      They have shipped it out, should be there next week.

  6. What finds this week my dear, I especially like the kale sale, the have it at Costco, I need to make my own version.

  7. Everything is really delicious, but if you overdo it will be necessary to burn the calories! :)

    Hugs from Sissym
    Rio de Janeiro

  8. I love your weekend posts; not just the recipes, but all the exercise things, the TJ's items, good health tips and more! Thank you for sharing them.

  9. Seriously, where do you find these amazing foods?! First the cooking butter and now this icing. Reading your blog is dangerous! ;) This is the oddest compilation of links I've ever seen. Why would anyone think to put couples in a vacuum bag? haha. And those pretzel rolls...I need them now :)

  10. Those icings look so good! I love making my own, but I still have a bit of a thing for jarred frosting so these would be an upgrade! I have so much trouble on the treadmill. I lack the coordination to run, step so hard it hurts my feet, and hang on with a death grip like no other!

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