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Happy Friday!

Krusteaz sent a few samples of their yummy products!
Have you tried them?
I know their pancakes mix is one of my favorites.
And their Molten Deep Dish Cookie mixes which I loved (see post here) as they are so easy to mix up and kick up with your favorite add ins.
Which Krusteax mix one should I make first?
And how should I kick it up?
Tell me!
pumpkin baking humor--love this!
Next time you go to Chipotle and you get the bagged chips, saturate the chips with chipotle tabasco
sauce, and shake bag.  It is so good!  I also heard adding a touch of honey tastes good too.
Sweet Cravings by Kyra Bussanich-- the first gluten free winner of Cupcake Wars has her first
cookbook out.  And boy did this one not disappoint at all.
This is the cookbook I would buy if I had time to go to a bookstore and shop! Amazing recipes!
I hard a really hard time believing this whole cookbook was gluten free.
Some Recipes inside Sweet Cravings:
classic cream puffs
mexican chocolate baked alaska
champagne cupcakes
persian love cakes w/ cardamom buttercream
eggnog cupcakes
peanut butter truffle crispy rice bars
espresso scones
beer bread
and so much more....all gluten free!
Sneak peak of what's inside: lemon poundcake
I skipped work one day last week to go surfing, and it was amazing.
Water temp about 62 degrees, a bit chilly, but the sun is still fairly strong.
I refuse to let go of summer!
Can you see the seal? Right in the middle?  They are harmless and LOVE to have the company of
people swimming with them.  It's the sharks we have to look out for. But most of them have left.
Mmmm dinner!
Isn't that pretty?  This is Chatham, to the left of chatham fish pier, a great place to go clamming.
In the distance is part of the nauset seashore.
Dairy Queen in south yarmouth. One never knows what he'll post next....

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The only Krusteaz mix I've tried is pancakes...I like it, but I prefer the Trader Joe's buttermilk pancake mix. I would try the crumb cake mix first, because I LOVE cinnamon coffee cake...looks so good! I might add some sauteed cinnamon apples to the top...could be so great!

  2. owww! Make either of the pumpkins and add peanut butter! I love that flavor combination! Deliciousness. Maybe a peanut butter layer in the pumpkin bars? Or a chocolate layer in the middle? Oh gosh...a cream cheese layer??? Glad you're enjoying every second of summer

  3. I LOVE the Krusteaz crumb cake muffin mix!! It's the best one out there by far. Enjoy! :) Amber

  4. love your lists and ive never used that krusteaz cake but my sister raves about it! Thanks for those gorgeous BLUE water and sky shots. Ahh, zen. Thank you!

  5. You cracked me up with that Serbian guy.
    Imagine the Krusteaz mixes are from Trader Joes, cause I've never seen them. However, this time next year there will be two brand new TJ stores open in my area. Can't wait.
    Keep us posted on the DQ signs.

  6. That cookbook sounds great! It still looks like summer there. Beautiful pics! It's already horrible here. I miss summer!

  7. Dairy Queen - how can't I love that place?
    Great list of links, you set me up for a evening of reading.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I love Krusteaz mixes! I actually just baked the muffins this weekend for a quick and special breakfast for the kiddos and their friends. They were gobbled up in minutes.

    The Lemon Pound Cake recipe sounds amazing.
    Love the water photos! The weather has been stunning here lately and the beach is so beautiful right now!

  9. haha, that bachelor showing off his outfits... made my morning!


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