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Happy Friday!
The winner of the Krusteaz molten cookie giveaway is #7: Lynn!
Congrats to you!  Please email me your shipping address!

I was asked to review this wonderful and very creative raw cooking/creating.
I have to admit I was skeptical at first because, well, we all know raw is tricky and hard to love.
BUT this book Simply Raw Kitchen is so creative and so versatile.
I gave you a sneak peek of the dessert section, the "righteous brownies with caramel frosting".
Can you believe this is all raw?  Unreal right?
If you're wanting to go to the raw side and still want to keep it tasty and not all tasting like lawn clippings--you MUST get this book: Simply Raw Kitchen by Natasha Kyssa.
My latest creation, made late at night:IMG_2786
Since our weather here on cape cod has been gorgeous, we've had a lot of people jumping out of the sky--luckily I captured a couple.
Lots of jellyfish lately in the ocean.
And of course, the end of summer wouldn't be official without the presence of Mabel.
Mabel can only go to the beach at the end of summer since she has to say HI to everyone on the beach-- you can imagine how hard that is in the summer.
Blue Print Cleanse has a new drink!
I'm still swimming.
Can't believe I'm still swimming the end of September. The ocean is nice and warm though.
And the crabs are still biting!
My friend started his own peanut butter company.
I couldn't be happier for him.
If you're looking for a really all natural peanut without added sugar, added chemicals, just tasty pure roasted peanuts then please try this.
I was pretty shocked at how good this was without the sugar.
To order: peanutbutterboy.com

Around the web:
5 steps for avoiding & detoxing the Bt-toxin found in GMO crops
How cute are these? Mason jar lid pies: spiced peach
The radioactive flow from Japan in the Pacific ocean is terrifying
Should we avoid low-fat cheese & milk?
Simple dietary switch that improves your mood
I love these kinds of "rustic recipes" sourdough skillet biscuits!
Wonderful aerial view of different beaches around the world
Cassava cheese balls (an Indonesian dessert)
Vitamin B may help protect against Alzheimers (I hear good and bad about Vit B, not sure about this)
Love this! Small batch homemade sauerkraut. Looks very easy!
Paleo Love: fig newton clones!
Pumpkin-caramel latte brownies
Healthy foods that keep you full (brownies didn't make the list)
DIY bubble gum kit
How to make a ramen crust pizza (will you?)
The crazy world of NFL diets
If you can believe it--Hello Kitty contact lenses
Nacho Cakeletes!
Cheetos infused macaron?  Yes please, I'll take 12!
Bookmarked: turkish coffee brownies
Cheddar, fig jam & candied pecan panini
DIY: peach ketchup
GF Love: GF Brownie Waffles (hello!)
Why do different weather apps give you different weather forecasts?
Nutella-chocolate chip cookies with sea salt (my love for Nutella is now stronger)
Complete guide to understanding probiotics & prebiotics
What it's like to be an eagle.  Awesome footage.
Inspiration read: Hank bought a bus....
I could drink this--white cheddar, garlic & sriracha dip
New research on healthy gut bacteria
Will Chipotle become the first GMO-free restaurant?  I sure hope so!
Handmade portraits: Beantown homemade--so cute!!

**And lastly, this post/article is graphic--I post this because I want to help find the person that did
this to the poor dog.
If you're from Boston/Massachusetts, please share.  Let's find this asshole!
There is huge power in numbers!
Again, this is graphic and heartbreaking.
UPDATE:  because of all the public outcry on this horrific crime, outpouring of support for Puppy Doe and the knowledge that so many of you share our sense of shock at the pain purposely inflicted on this young dog a fund has been set up in "puppy doe's" name.
Your donation (to the Animal Rescue League of Boston) today will go directly to on-going law enforcement efforts on behalf of Puppy Doe and others like her.
$5,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the perpetrator in the Puppy Doe case. Funds donated on behalf of Puppy Doe in excess of this reward will go directly towards preventing future cases of animal suffering, cruelty and neglect.
And lastly, I have found out that State Rep of Massachusetts Louis Kafka is vowing to change the
punishment laws of animal cruelty to be more harsh.**


  1. aww I have a bulldog too! Watson would love Mabel :) Fun post!

  2. Cape Cod look beautiful! Happy weekend!

  3. Mabel is a doll! My Gracie always wants to say hi to everyone too. You are so lucky you still get to swim in the ocean. It's too cold here on the Oregon coast. Love the jar lid pies - such a great idea. Little Bean from Beantown Homeade is adorable. I hope they catch whoever did that to the poor dog!!!!!!

  4. love your blog and pin from it constantly, the raw brownies look amazing, but I can't actually see the amounts for the ingredients....was that intentional....thanks so much

    1. No not intentional.
      I assumed one can read that they were all 1 cup.... because they all said cup (singular)
      Hard to get a photo of the whole recipe.
      I took a better photo but some of the frosting directions are missing.
      Hard to capture the whole photo and still make it readable---hope this helps you better!

  5. The sky and ocean are just stunning! Summer's hanging on! The dog is really cute too. I will never understand how people can hurt animals. It's disgusting.

  6. That cookbook sounds good, thanks for taking about it.

  7. I first saw the Puppy Doe piece on Boston's WCVB news and was sickened. The person(s) who tortured this dog are sadistic and evil. Research has shown that people who take pleasure in toturing and abusing innocent animals are practicing for even more horrific acts...most like to humans. I am so hoping that someone with knowledge of who this dog belonged to and who did this will come forward and in doing so, possible save the life of another innocent living thing.

    1. I know it is heartbreaking.
      But we can help...please share the link with friends on your website, FB or even twitter.
      Let's spread the word--there is huge power in numbers!!
      Thank you!!

  8. I"m not going to even open that puppy doe article because I know I'll start crying! I cannot believe the things people do to animals. LOVE the english :) Frank can't go to the beach period because he'd overheat haha. Going to check out PB boys products now

  9. Thanks for the link to my mason jar pies :) happy weekend!

  10. Mabel is so cute, and the crab photo is just gorgeous. Sorry, I couldn't read the link about the dog - couldn't take any more sad news today. I don't know what makes some people do the things they do.


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