ginger chicken stir fry


Ginger-- I cannot get enough of it.
The discovery of The Ginger People was just the vessel a ginger addict like myself needed to further fuel my addiction and mid-afternoon cravings.
They were there for me when I had the flu last winter; those strong, little, spicy ginger candies: Gin Gin was just the thing I needed for my permanently dry throat.
And I fell in love with their pickled sushi ginger.
We know how good for you ginger is.  The many health benefits is almost endless.  Here are a few here, and here and here....here, here.
You get the idea.  I eat ginger for anti-inflammatory reasons, for my arthritis, and also because it just tastes so good.
I'm also trying to get my hubby to eat more veggies, and if the plate is done right, colorful enough and has enough flavor he will.
We call this dish my ginger chicken stir fry.  We eat it at least once a week.  It's so easy and so tasty, trust me you will never use Chinese take out if you give this a go.
Hubby claims to hate ginger, but he loves it; its in this dish.  Don't tell him LOL.  If I mince up the ginger small enough he won't find it.
Making this dish takes literally 15 minutes.  The hardest part? Chopping up the chicken.
Add in any veggies you like.  If you use raw broccoli, just give it a cook 1 minute boil to take the "raw edge" off.
In the past I've added in: cashews, red onions, squash, cauliflower, kale--the list is endless. And you don't have to use meat, use tofu to make it vegetarian!  Just crisp up the tofu and add it in last, so it doesn't get soggy.

Leftovers are the best.  It's been sitting happily with the ginger and that sauce all night long.  Yum!

ginger chicken stir fry
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4 chicken breasts, chopped into 1 or 2-inch pieces
4 cups +/- broccoli heads
1 cup of grated carrots
1 medium red onion, diced
5 TB of pickled ginger (use more or less)
1/4 cup of Trader Joe's Island Soyaki sauce
olive oil for frying up chicken
(use any veggies you want)
I doubt you'll need salt, but a hint of pepper is needed.

If using raw broccoli, give it a quick 1-2 minute boil to take raw edge off.
In a large pan, heat up the olive oil and cook chicken throughly.
At the last 2 minutes of chicken cooking add in the onions, and cook.
Add in the ginger and soyaki sauce; get it to a boil.
Add in the broccoli and carrots.
Stir until everything is nice and coated and heated through.
Add in some black pepper, if desired.
Serve over rice or as is.
Should serve 4 people.


  1. This looks delish!! I love ginger and almost always have some kind of ginger snack at my desk! =)

  2. This looks great! I wonder could it be done with fresh grated ginger instead of pickled ginger?

  3. I love how simple this seems to be! Looks like a delicious alternative to takeout!

  4. I love stir fries and ginger too! Yum!

  5. Stir fry is my favorite go to meal. And I am a ginger fan too. Once I discovered those ginger candies at TJs- I was in major trouble ;)

  6. I love The Ginger People's ginger too! I always have a bunch in my pantry. I just recently got some inflammation in my fingers (which seems to be a bit of a mysterious to my doctors and is driving me up the wall with worry) and am eating ginger every day to bring it down.

  7. Oh boy, that looks good. Love Trader Joe's!

  8. Hmm maybe that's why I love ginger so much...my body craves the anti-inflammatory effects! Love how this is triple ginger...my mouth is watering at just the thought.

  9. we love that soyaki sauce...amazing :)

  10. I love ginger too. This stir fry looks simple and delicious Dawn.

  11. I love love love pickled ginger and what a great way to use it!

  12. Ginger's pretty awesome & I love stir fries! This looks yummy :)

  13. My mom used to make something similar when I was growing up. But I completely forgot about it until I saw this - thanks for the reminder; I can't wait to make it! And oh... I love ginger too! In fact, it's my dog's name! :-)

  14. I make stir fries all the time and this looks so good! Love ginger and broccoli and I'll have to make my own sauce as TJ's requires a trip across a border.

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  16. The ginger sauce sounds great! I'd love to have these leftovers in my refrigerator--the broccoli looks so good.

  17. 15 min? Sold! I will check out that sauce from TJs!

  18. pickled ginger?! what? i want to go to there. :)

  19. Love easy recipes like this and I love pickled ginger. You also reminded me that i need to make a batch of my favorite ginger dressing.


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