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There is a new hot spot on cape cod!
I'm so excited.
Rarely do we get good pizza joints here.
Finally one opened up:  Wicked.
The actually have 2 locations in massachusetts, and one of them is on cape cod: mashpee.
They have the best pizza crusts I've had in a very long time.  Organic piza dough too. And they use as much local produce as possible. Sure they have a lot more than just pizza, but to be honest all my friends raved about the pizza, so my first time there we got pizza.  Next time I go I will try a few of the daily specials. Daily specials designed by the chefs of what's in season and local.  Excellent. The ambience of the restaurant is so comfy.  I know that is a popular word, but it's true.  The furniture, the chairs, the half booths were so cozy and comfy. The best part?  The tables were NOT on top of each other; room to breathe, with a hint of privacy.  And they have these high chair tables with half booths over at the bar as well.  Super comfy.  There is also a glass wall that looks into the kitchen, so you can watch what's going on behind the scenes.
If you come to cape cod, please make a trip to Mashpee. Prices are very reasonable.
The only thing they need to change?  The menu should really have more photos of their own creations. I mean their creations are insanely gorgeous and tasty.

Arancini:  risotto croquettes filled with pancetta, fontina cheese and natural Italian sausage.
Served with marinara sauce. These were definitely homemade. The filling was so light and so flavorful. Chock full of sausage, rice and just the right amount of fontina.


Fig and Prosciutto pizza.  Prosciutto de Parma, Fontina cheese, fig purée, baby arugula, diced poached pears and balsamic glaze. HEAVENLY!

Wicked mini donuts with creme anglaise and belgium dipping sauces.  And these were so fresh, so tasty, plus that creme anglaise was exactly like you'd find in any french restaurant.

Another yoga site: yogadork.com

Homemade milky ways!

(my weakness? homemade egg rolls) Chicken Egg Rolls

quick & easy crockpot baked beans

one question to guide your life (LOVE this, very powerful)

felix baumgartner: this is what skydiving from the edge of space looks like

note me: write & erase pillow

doggie water bowl

11 athletes share their favorite meals

Is your brain making you fat? (interesting, what do you think?)

Happy books: inspirational reads to make you smile

Increase serotonin with 21 foods for a better mood

6 natural ways to prepare for cold & flu season (some of these I've never heard of!)

Which meditation style is right for you?

Desk stretches! ( I love these--the 2nd one works)

These are new at Trader Joe's.  Really good, but pricey.

Here is a recipe for DIY kale chips at home.

I have arthritis in my knee.  Was recommended this all natural product.  Didn't want to try it because I always thought, all natural meant won't work as well.  Boy, was I wrong.
If you suffer from joint pain, tendon pain, arthritis, etc...please look for this: Topricin.

This all natural honey is all the rage now.  But it's like $27.00 per jar!  Ouch.  Have you tried this?

Pumpkin spice coconut milk. This is good!  I found it at Whole Foods.

Sparkling sake?  Oh yes please. (I found this at the larger whole foods; this one hails from Dedham Whole Foods). 

These were not good.  Nothing at all like the Starbuck Via's.  Very bitter.

A huge congrats to Jenny of Picky Palate on her first cookbook: Picky Palate Cookbook.
So proud of you!

To read list (click on image for more info):

I miss the sun! (photo from corporation beach, dennis, ma)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Omg YES I HAVE TRIED that HONEY!! I know, it's crazy. But I started buying it, that EXACT BRAND from a local high-end health food store (like WFs but family owned) and they sell it and when I can afford it, it's a miracle. I love love love it. It's like...the best.

    The Tjs kale chips are good (had a free sample) but I love my recipe. It's just as good and I can make pounds worth for what they charge for 1 teeny bag.

    Love the homemake milky way idea!

  2. Those mini donuts look dangerously yummy! I love homemade kale chips but those Trader Joe's ones are on my shopping list.

  3. Love your Friday links...the doggie bowl made me laugh out loud.

  4. I love sparkling sake, but couldn't find it. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I have a recipe for kale chips, too...



  6. My mother is obsessed with the manuka honey. She swears by it for almost everything. As far as she is concerned it is worth the money and the drive to try and find it.


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