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Happy Friday!
Finally Friday is here.
Here on the Cape we've had rain, and dark days for almost a week now.
It's getting depressing.
Do seagulls get tired of the rain?
End of the jetty--don't fall in!
The little one almost came over....almost (I waited and waited).
Yep, got lucky and found this on one of my walks.
Because I love pizza.  That's why.
And I love Starbucks too!
Have you tried these? Way Better Snacks
I had no idea they were that good.
I honestly thought they were like cardboard, another earthy-crunchy-boring chip.
No way, they are delish; you'll never know there is broccoli in there!  lol
I made Payday Bars with only 2 ingredients!
I also made peanut butter-caramel cups. (sorry if you're on a diet).
buffalo chicken chili
My buffalo chicken chili, it's crazy easy to make, and will warm your bones!
sweet potato & vanilla bean cupcakes
Tired of pumpkin?
Try my sweet potato & vanilla bean cupcakes

around the web:

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how your body signals you're vitamin deficient
creamy garlic soup
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5-minute homemade tortilla chips
toasted marshmallow shot glasses!  (yes!)
I am in love with Whole Foods videos for quick & healthy meals!
starbucks for life?
the dancing traffic light (brilliant)
easy candy bar tart
bok choy chips?
I am in LOVE with this video! (make sure your HD is on!)
what to do when you inherit your parents house (fyi)
why copyblogger is killing its facebook page
DIY candy corn!
growing ginger in containers? yes, yes you can!
homemade lox
I am in LOVE with airbnb.com (search for places to rent in over 190 countries)
secrets to hair rejuvenation
hilarious church signs
peanut butter cookies w/ chocolate-peanut topping
signs you have a hormonal imbalance
turmeric naturally increases brain cell growth
lovestruck woman gets stuck in chimney of man she met online
22 kitchen cheat sheets guides (a keeper!)
feeling stressed/depressed? might be missing this nutrient
chocolate-cheesecake muffins
new evidence on when neanderthals interbred (it's really fascinating)
butter is a health food?
so Ina isn't so perfect?
ginger macarons with pumpkin buttercream
preparing matcha tea
crispy mint chocolate chip cookies
homemade cheese crackers
DIY pumpkin puree
pistachio & dark chocolate krispie treats
super easy sourdough bread at home (yes please & thank you)
up close & personal with a shark!

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. happy friday! i want pizza SO BAD and your pic is not helping. :)

  2. Thanks for linking to my Candy Bar Tart post! :)


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