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Happy Friday!

The sunsets of late, having been giving me a gentle reminder that spring is just around the corner.
Have you noticed (those living in the Northeast) that the sun is getting a bit stronger?
As of today, we have 40 days till spring!
Sun setting over a frozen cranberry bog in Sandwich, MA
Empty marina in Harwichport, MA
What a view--I could easily live here.
So this happened....and it was worth the calories.
I was asked to try these herb and flowers crystals from Fresh Origins.
All natural, no additives, all-natural colors, an exciting crunch and incredible flavors of fresh flowers and herbs.  Adding the hibiscus as a decorative touch on cupcakes, the basil to a fresh plate of pasta, adding the mint crystals to a fancy chocolate dessert, the cranberry crystals on a plate of assorted cheese....the possibilities are endless.
I found myself noshing on the hibiscus just for the flavor--they taste exactly like the real thing.
For more information on the fruit and herb crystals go to freshorigins.com
Restaurant owners/chefs, I highly recommend these products and
also don't forget to check out their large line of fresh micro greens. 

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Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Those pictures make me shiver :) Going to check out the nutella cookie recipe!!!!!

  2. Oh Dawn. I've had a tough week and I am so ready to get my house clean and sit down and read these links. just wish I could have one of those frosting shots first!

  3. We haven't even had winter yet over here (I live in the Netherlands) but yes I am so ready for spring!!

  4. those fruit and flower crystals are very intriguing....

  5. The sun is so beautiful! Here, when it's been super, duper, don't even open the door cold, the sun has been out, so at least it's pretty from inside the house. I always love your links and will now spend the next hour reading them!

  6. Ok wait, tell me more about frosting shots, please!

  7. It occurred to me this week that I'm not driving to work in the dark anymore...looking so forward to longer days!! Great link round up, as usual, I really look forward to your Friday posts!

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