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Happy Friday!

There is a new, all natural cookie butter company on the scene and they are making the best
cookie butter creations ever!
What flavors?  They have 12!!  Red Velvet and Birthday Cake are my favorites.
Hand-crafted, small batches, and no chemicals or crap in there.These flavors are dangerous!
A nice assortment of cookie butters for the foodie in your family would make an awesome gift for the holiday.
Gooey On The Inside also makes cookies!  Imagine getting this as a Christmas present?

My friend Zoe Francois of the terribly talented blog zoebakes.com has a new & improved version
of her wildly famous cookbook: Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes a Day.
Her latest creations: The New Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
What's new inside?
Gluten Free bread recipes in 5 minutes!
"....With more than half a million copies of their books in print, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François have proven that people want to bake their own bread, so long as they can do it easily and quickly. Based on fan feedback, Jeff and Zoë have completely revamped their first, most popular, and now-classic book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.
Responding to their thousands of ardent fans, Jeff and Zoë returned to their test kitchens to whip up more delicious recipes.  They’ve also included a gluten-free chapter, forty all-new gorgeous color photos, and one hundred informative black-and-white how-to photos. They’ve made the “Tips and Techniques” and “Ingredients” chapters bigger and better than ever before, and included readers’ Frequently Asked Questions....."

Around the web:

stunning images of nuclear ice breaker in the north pole (love this!)
does slamming the oven door cause cakes to collapse? 
a GMO wheat can silence human genes may cause early death
slow cooker hoisin chicken with bok choy & sesame brown rice
20 cookie cutters every cookie decorator should own
what's new about apples?
why you need phytonutrients & how to get them
how to make the versatile asian peanut sauce
I LOVE this video! "One Day at Fenway"
a simple dietary switch could work wonders on your mood (when I have eaten turkey for breakfast I have noticed a difference in my mood)
what is B3--niacin?
10 million steps on Rt 6 (a cape cod story)
always go to the funeral 
LuLulemon quite possibly the most arrogant company ever.
claiming woman's thigh's are to blame for company's faulty pants.
Then why can other designers like Danksin do it? Stupid owner at Lululemon--I will never buy their product again.
3 over-rated supplements
27 unearthly objects made of stars!
I was so sad to hear of Chef Charlie Trotter's passing
31 (they say weird) but I think creative recipes for canned pumpkin
laurie anderson's farewell to Lou Reed 
pumpkin Tres Les Cake!
a year recovery after hurricane sandy
health benefits of pumpkin seeds
shorter days getting you down?
DIY homemade deli meat (all natural, no chemicals)
hilarious misspelled names on Starbucks cups (Love this!)
Lay's potato chips coming out with chocolate covered chips! (oh dear)
paleo & GF snickerdoodles
sea cucumber found to kill off 95% of cancer cells?  wow
when depression & anxiety loom
strong abs without those stupid crunches! (great tips)
sweet potato cobbler
DIY freezable breakfast bowls (crazy easy)
toasted coconut & chocolate granola
a map of where Americans are moving!
The annual "I Like Big Bundts" over at food librarian has started!

Congrats to Jan #7, winner of the Simply Raw Kitchen Cookbook.
Jan please email me your shipping address.


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That cookie butter? Go on! I need. Checking out the 31 awesome uses for pumpkin and the slow cooker hoisin. You know I love these posts

  2. Ooh, I need that New Artisan Bread book!

  3. Dawn, I can't believe I won the cookbook! Yippee! I can't find your email address however. If you will email it to me I can send my address to you. My email is: jcanyon@msn.com
    Thank you so much and I love your blog and Friday links.

  4. I just got the Artisian Bread book. I have the 1st one, love. Havent cracked open this new one but I know it'll be great! And all the links, as always, love em! You find great stuff!

  5. I would say Lululemon TIES for most arrogant clothing company (or clothing company with most arrogant executives) with Abercrombie. But, they both def. suck. And are stupid overpriced.

  6. All your raving about that cookie butter has it bookmarked on my computer. Can't wait to try it! Have a great weekend :)

  7. im so getting some butter

  8. Good list, Dawn. The Charlie Trotter thing surprised me. 54 years old. Wow. And i liked that need to go to the funeral... Quite moving.

  9. look forward to watching the Fenway video and ya, the Lululemon stuff is making me never want to buy from there again.

  10. I am basically going to buy all the Gooey butters available, it's calling my name so much!

  11. Funny cartoon! Pinned it.
    Coming back later to go over your Friday list.

  12. These cookie butters sound dangerous. Very dangerous. I'm afraid of quickly they would disappear!

  13. Ok, I NEED that cookie butter. LIke seriously...tho it would mean i'd have to go out and buy new pants since I'm sure I'd outgrow them all within a week.


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