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Happy Friday!

I was asked recently to try G.H. Cretors gluten free AND GMO free popcorn.
How could I ever say no?
My stars, this popcorn is AMAZING.
I'll have you know they sent me 5 full size bags and within one day 3 bags were gone.
It's that good.
They have caramel corn and cheesy corn.
But wait!
They have the Chicago Mix which is both flavors in one bag.
Insanely good.  You will never go back to any other bagged popcorn again.
Best parts?
GMO free
Gluten free
and all natural ingredients, no chemicals, no crap, no fillers.  Thank you!
Where can you find them?  Click here.
And you can also order online at ghcretors.com 
Seriously, the best cheese popcorn I've ever had (and no crap or chemicals in there).
Stay tuned!
They've agreed to a giveaway!
And right now they are having a giveaway on their Facebook page.
Go enter!

My last ice cream of the season. Everyone is closing up shop. I'm sad. I want summer back.
From Twin Acres in Sandwich, MA.
My tater tot.
I know, I try and stay away from cheesy pet photos, but come on, look at that face!
Have you seen this at Trader Joe's?
Don't buy it--it's so good!
Let's be honest, most of the Trader Joe salads and sushi are horrid, but this salad was pretty good,
and is my latest crush.  What makes it is that peanut dressing.
My latest crush.
My current handbag is falling apart; I am almost to the point of using tape. Sad.
This bag from Burberry. Way out of my price range, but isn't she pretty?
Cookbook find of the week: The Sardinian Cookbook
A great little cookbook of some the best Sardinian recipes, perfect for upcoming winter.
A little sneak peak. Really good recipes inside.  Nothing too crazy or complicated to make.
Corpse Bride Cake SprinkleBakes SprinkleBakes 1
My friend Heather from Sprinkle Bakes made this corpse bride blue velvet cake with tutorial.
Her talent is astounding. Look at the details!
Love lofthouse style cookies? Ever have them done in a peanut butter version?
Me either.
Head over to Averie Cooks and see how!

Around the Web:

Vegan Nutella?  Why yes please.
Buttermilk chocolate chip crumb cupcakes -- Hello!
Sometimes people are really cruel (be nice to people)
Great smoothie recipe, I tried this but used kale instead of spinach.
Apple cider pancakes--I mean it's Fall right?
What I wish everyone knew about Parkinson's Disease (very informative)
Health benefits of berries. I can attest to this as I do eat 2 cups of berries (raw) 5 days a week
BUT they left out overall body inflammation
The authors that wrote at "standing desks"? (I just loved reading this)
Bicoastal cookie!
Lobmyer experimental sweet factory (art made out of sweets), kind of cool.
Get your toasted pita ready: thai red curry pumpkin hummus
Increase your serotonin with these foods
Waffle baked grilled cheese sandwich
The 2013 Carnegie International Art Museum is open!
You can now make your own Gorditas!
I just love her food blog: creme fraiche, cornmeal & pumpkin coffee cake
Trim your own hair. I am so guilty of doing this the wrong way. Here's the right way.
True Love. (get your Kleenex out)
Power breakfast for your heart. (Love Dr. Weil).
Telekinetic Coffee Shop!
9 items a foodie should always pack while traveling
You should learn more about the MANY health benefits of sea vegetables
Pumpkin donut holes stuffed w/ cream cheese
How to tell if an egg is bad before/after cracking it?
Pumpkin Cake in the shape of a pumpkin (a lot easier than I thought)
11 year old Sean Lew with incredible dance moves and plays it smart by keeping himself in the front of the dance line.
Acorn squash & pecan waffles
How to make cut flowers last
I do this! It has helped my compressed back! The 10-minute morning wake-up sequence
Blocking sugar intake can reduce cancer risk & progression
Lofthouse style pumpkin cookies
Hiker finds over $300,000 worth of treasure in The Alps
Gah!  PizzaCroissants!
Pumpkin snickerdoodle blondies
Pumpkin-browned butter & malt donuts!
8 yoga poses to help with cervical spine & neck issues (already printed these out)
Drive for a cure. God Bless you Steve & Hope Dezember; may you never lose your DRIVE.
I love one-pan easy pasta dishes. This one from Martha.
Tomato-mustard tart (from clotide dusoulier)
Lack of sleep negatively affects weight loss
Pumpkin s'mores bars
What are flavonoids?
How to organize those annoying plastic food containers!
How to deal with people who make your workplace difficult
Malaria vaccine on the way? (let's hope so)
Fall Foliage travel guide (I think this is the peak weekend, right?)
And check out the newest (and funniest) daddy blogger: Daddy Scratches.com (HILARIOUS!)

Massachusetts Residents!
Please help us spread the word about repealing the Mass Gas Tax.
If they get enough signatures we can repeal this.
Did you know that the Mass Gas Tax is set to automatically go up for the next 3 years?
Yes, sad but true. Please visit this website, find out how to add your signature and let's get rid
of this stupid law.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i love that popcorn! my grandpa is obsessed & buys the whole family the huge bags at sam's. it's so addicting ;)

  2. I bought a huge bag of that popcorn at Costco this week after your Instagram pic. Can't wait to try it! I already have those pub cookies from Averie on my to do list!

  3. Thanks for including my Lofthouse PB Cookies! They're some of the best cookies I've ever, ever made. I wish I could have put them in my cookbook but I didn't dream them up in time :)

    The TJs cookie butter/cocoa spread - I havent bought it for the highly dangerout potential. Lol

    And we've had that popcorn - inhaled. So good!

  4. omg- making that soup asap. Josh and I love artichokes!! And that popcorn? Yes, please! Your cat is a cutie

  5. Love the popcorn, ice cream, your cute cat, Heather's work, Spec w cocoa and that handbag!
    Hope you had a great w/end, doll.

  6. LOoooove the handbag!
    DIG the fabulous Tabby Cat! A d o r a b l e.


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