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Happy Friday!

Recently I was given a couple samples of Not Your Sugar Mamas chocolate bars.
Not truly knowing what they were, I just thought they were another artisanal chocolate bar.
But no, they are all natural, no refined sugar, good for you chocolate bar THAT has really good
taste.  Look for them in Whole Foods or just go to their website and see where you can find them.
It's really good chocolate made with pure cacao, raw foods and all natural seasonings.
My favorite was the Be Fresh.
Have you tried your sweet potato fries this way?  Oh but you must!
Recently I got a chance to sit in (not fly...yet!) a Waco Biplane at Cape Cod Airfield.
You can imagine my excitement!
Next time I will go for a ride.
Cool right?  I wish I had a better camera so I could take a clearer photo of the cockpit.
I was asked to review the candy cookbook Classic Candy by Abigail Gehring.
No special molds needed, easy to follow instructions, and hard to find recipes for such old-fashioned candy favorites like:  licorice twists, chocolate cheesecake bon bons, cinnamon hard candies, pate de fruit, potato candy, sugar plums, gummi bears, and so much more!
If you're into vintage candy making that requires no molds, this book is for you.
Plus it comes with handy candy temperature chart.  
Classic Candy by Abigail Gehring

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I will be crafty this winter! I will!
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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. that pepper jelly sounds yummy with sweet potato fries. Great links as always!

  2. Homemade gummy candies? mmmmm. Now I want sweet potato fries...love your Friday posts

  3. That is so weird-I just wrote about Ho Jo's yesterday!

  4. Love your Friday links. Lots of good stuff.
    I've already got some craft ideas in the works. Making fall wreaths w my niece, nephew & li'l one tomorrow.
    Chances are my sister & I will do all the work while the kids run off and play!
    Have a great w/end! xox

  5. That book is by a fellow Skyhorse author (my publisher!) and I think it came for me in the mail. I literally have a HUGE stack of books to get thru!

    Sweet potato fries smothered in TJs hot pepper jelly - heaven. I did sweet potato fries with PB&J in my book. I literally just bought 2 jars of that jelly...a half hour ago. I go thru it so fast.

    All these pumpkin recipes - amazing! Pinning bonanza :)

  6. So many wonderful ideas I can hear the wheels twisting in my brain.

  7. What a beautiful plane! Are you going to learn how to fly? (I've always wanted to give it a go!) Thanks for providing a recipe for gummy candies - they are my weakness.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Dawn! I think our big days are close - although I'm a neurotic Virgo, not a balanced Libra. :D

  8. Great links and wonderful ideas! Loving that article on turmeric too!

  9. I like this post a lot. I love chocolate and could not resist those. And I eat my Pepper Jelly on cream cheese.

  10. Sweet potato fries are the best! I'll have to try them with pepper jelly. I also need that candy cookbook. I love candy!

  11. That plane is so pretty! I am off to read the 10 ways to use lemons for beauty.


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