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Happy Friday!

We're still having a lot of rain, fog, and humidity here on cape cod.
Sun, she is a rare visitor these days.
chatham lighthouse in the fog
harwichport, ma
harwichport, ma
harwichport, ma
My hydrangeas love all this rain and humidity. That color is just stunning.
Check to see if your local Whole Foods is having a sale on organic blackberries.
The crop, this year, tastes just like candy--so sweet and juicy.
I was supposed to make a pie, but ended up eating 3 cartons. So good.
Every morning I see this little guy working at 8am and goes till about 11 or 12pm.
Busy little bee.
Emack & Bolios on the cape (Orleans) has finally opened for the season.
PB-Oreo my favorite.
Are you a peanut butter lover?
You need to check out Averie's newest book: Peanut Butter Comfort.
Remember these? Is this good luck?
When the sun does finally come out, it sure is spectacular (cape cod national seashore).
Harwichport, ma.
Bank Street beach, Harwichport, ma
East Dennis beaches where I could spend hours just exploring....

From around the web:

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how do the new jelly donut pancakes from IHOP taste?
from scratch: parmesan baked beans
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funfetti ice cream sundaes
DIY mexican street corn!
would you like a lasagna grilled cheese?  I would.
this vintage paris map is on my wishlist
can you change your life in 2 seconds? hmm
statue of colin firth rises from the lake?
the ultimate cupcake! vanilla-bacon cupcakes w/ pork belly-caramel
DIY: how to turn a mason jar into a rotating cake stand (brilliant!)
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reboot with joe is becoming popular (juicing with joe)
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make healthy flavored water at home
six unconventional ways to find self-guidance
like cabins? you'll love these links
wonderful ideas: 10 favorite headboard storage ideas
love this cake server!
all-in-one sink-urinal: to make sure men wash their hands! lol
5 hard-to-find summer fruits? 
newest food craze? cake-stuffed fruits

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lasagna grilled cheese? I'm in. That ice cream looks amazingggg. Hope the sun comes out

  2. beautiful beach shots! i am having some back pain issues lately so intrigued by that link.

  3. You're killing me with those Cape Cod shots! Meanwhile I'm stuck here in the Los Angeles traffic!

  4. *crushing* on your moody, foggy photos! And, of course, Averie's fab cookbook!

  5. Thanks for the shoutout about my book and the picture of it! I appreciate it, Dawn!

    And these pics with the CRYSTAL clear blue skies - I love those! So beautiful. Wow I feel calmer just seeing those!

    And your great links from Laura's bread to Jenny's bars - some reminders on things I want to make and some new great finds for the week. Thank you! :)

  6. Such an excelent way to start the morning dreaming of sun-kissed days and lasagna grilled cheese.

  7. It is finally getting sunny here so hopefully some of this sunshine will head your way! Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! Our neighbor has some that have so many blooms they are falling over.

  8. Those are really beautiful shots !

  9. Love the mini cheesecakes. YUM.

    The photos of your surroundings are always stunning. Love the color of the hydrangea! I need to go check out the link for the jelly donut pancake recipe. My kids would dig those!


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