sweet potato and sausage soup

Or better yet, let's call this post "clean out your cupboard".
I asked on facebook if you wanted a few of my quick & easy dinner fixes (nothing fancy).  I knew a few of you would say yes because I'm sure you're just like me, and want to use up stuff sitting in your cupboards, freezer, fridge, etc...
Anyone can throw together a quick and tasty soup.  If you look in your fridge and your cupboards I'm willing to bet you have the right ingredients for a quick and tasty soup.
That is how this sweet potato and kielbasa soup came about.
I made it on one of those winter days where the temperature outside didn't get above 30 degrees.
You can imagine how excited I was to go home to this hot and hearty soup stewing happily away in the crockpot.
Next time you go to Trader Joe's stock up on this sweet potato bisque--I'm telling you it's the perfect vehicle for soup add in's, AND the best way to use up leftovers in your fridge.
Nothing fancy, but it sure is satisfying.
IMG_1004 (1)
You don't have to follow this exactly, you can create your own ad in's.
I just want to try and show you that it's quite easy to get creative in the kitchen even when it comes to leftovers.
And soup is the perfect vehicle to use up leftover veggies, leftover take out, and if you want to get your kids to eat more veggies.
I gave the veggies and sausage a quick stir fry/browning before going in the crockpot--you don't have too.
You can just throw them in there.
But I love a browning on my sausage.
Man was this tasty.
I know I already said this, but stock up on that sweet potato bisque from Trader Joe's.
It is so good!

sweet potato & sausage soup
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1-2 boxes of Trader Joe's sweet potato bisque
12 ounces (more or less) of cooked kielbasa, chopped
1 jar of roasted red peppers, chopped
1 medium sweet onions
1/2 - 3/4 cup diced drained tomatoes or leftover plain salsa
dashes of hot sauce
olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

cook notes:
the beauty of this recipe is that you don't have to follow it to a tee.
you can add in or take out what you don't like.
I just want to show you how easy it is to get creative with leftovers.

I gave the veggies, onions and chopped sausage a quick stir fry to get them all browned.
Then put them in a crockpot with a bit of olive oil. Got those heated through.
Then added in the sweet potato bisque, some chopped or diced tomatoes, and the chopped
red peppers.
Heat on low for a few or couple hours.
Taste test to see if you want to add hot sauce and salt & pepper.
Feel free to add in anything else like: leftover rice/pasta, leftover veggies, kale, corn, etc...(endless list).
Use hamburg or ham or shrimp if you don't like sausage.
I left this in the crockpot for about 5 hours on low, and it was fine.
I would NOT use the high setting for this.



  1. I've had a box of that TJs bisque in my cupboard forever---thanks for giving me a good reason to finally put it to use!

  2. Adore the semi homemade on occasion! Its nice to just doctor up a store bought soup (especially when its from TJs!). Great recipe

  3. Kathleen Fontaine1/9/13, 8:55 PM

    Yum! Might even try with browned crumbled sausage instead.... Love the idea of tweaking the bisque!

  4. I don't have much of the list in my cupboard but will by tomorrow!

  5. definitely love it when i can throw together meals this good so quickly!

  6. I used to drink that bisque at lunch every day when I was in college but I never got more creative with it. I'm glad you did though!

  7. Leftovers make some of the best soup on the planet, don't they? I love the idea of trying out some sausage in the next soup I make. :)

  8. This is the best kind of soup, clean out the pantry! Win win!

    Happy new year to ya Dawn!

    (I spy some yummy sandwich cookies down below....yuuuum)

  9. nice little semi-homemade soup, dawn! now i'm craving some kielbasa. :)

  10. Oh Yum! I love this soup recipe! It's perfect for the cold weather we are having lately.

  11. This looks delicious. I love sweet potato anything. I've been trying to think of something sweet potato related to make for HostTheToast but haven't come up with anything I'm really pumped for yet. Maybe in the mean time I'll have to make this soup to inspire me =)

  12. I really like the soups at TJs. What a great way to turn one of them into a comforting full meal!

  13. I could definitely go for a bowl of that on these cold winter days!

  14. Just bought two boxes of this soup tonight and my online search for ideas brought me to this recipe. I'll use hot Italian sausage. Yum.

  15. I have a box of the Trader Joes's Bisque sitting in my cupboard and this sounds like a delicious way to use it!

  16. dont have a trader joes in my area.....will any brand do?


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