homemade peppermint-white chocolate Nestle Crunch bars

Well that was fun!
Man did I love making these.
Actually had Nestle Crunch copycat recipe on my "baking bucket list" for a couple years.
They were easy to make too.
And you know what would make them a lot easier?
Square molds.
I need to invest in candy making molds: squares, triangle,, circles, etc....
That would have made this recipe fly by.
So, if you want to make these buy some cheap molds--any shape really will do.
Although I'd love to use a square one to replicate the square mini Nestle Crunch bars.
With molds, you can make batches of these with ease and grace.
These bars make the ultimate gift for family, friends and those office parties that have that horrid food.  Bring these and everyone will be jealous of you.  For reals.
Why did I double dip?  Why not!  Seriously I really wanted that "shock factor" of two colors.
Plus I wanted to make sure the rice krispies were not seen, and they looked more like candy bars.
Do you have to use white chocolate? No.
Use whatever you want, but I highly recommend the double dip.
Who doesn't want a double dip candy bar?
See this is where molds come in handy!
Or decorate with sprinkles.

homemade peppermint-white chocolate “Nestle Crunch” bars
recipe by vanillasugarblog.com

for the bars:
11 ounces good quality milk chocolate (like Ghirardelli)
¾ - 1 TB vegetable oil
½ ts or more peppermint extract
2 cups rice krispies

for the white chocolate coating:
11 ounces high quality white chocolate (they melt much better)
¾ - 1 TB vegetable oil
½ ts or more peppermint extract
¼ cup (about) crushed candy canes, optional

In a large mixing bowl, place the 2 cups of rice krispies, set aside.
If you have small square chocolate molds I highly suggest using those for this creation. If not, line a small jellyroll pan with parchment paper.

In a small saucepan, over low heat melt the vegetable oil and the milk chocolate—constantly stirring until chocolate is melted.  After chocolate is melted and off the heat, add in the peppermint extract and mix.  Taste test it to see if it has enough mint in it for you.
Pour melted milk chocolate into bowl, and mix with spatula.  Mix until nice and combined, but being careful not to crush the rice krispies. 
Pour mixture over jellyroll pan and flatten as much as you can before it starts to set up.  Don’t make it too thin.  You should get a 10-inch long by 6-inch wide square—roughly.
Let this cool and harden.
Using a sharp knife, slice off the edges for a nice clean square. Then slice into small squares or whatever shapes you want.
Melt the white chocolate with the vegetable oil over low heat, stirring constantly.
Just when it starts to melt is when I take it off the heat and keep stirring.  If I need more then I put it back in, then back off, back on, etc..—this way you can avoid the chocolate seizing up.  The vegetable oil helps to thin the chocolate out and make it easier for dipping.
After the white chocolate is melted and off the heat, add in the peppermint extract and mix.  Do a taste test and see if it’s ok to you.  If not, add in more, in small amounts.
I dunked the chocolate squares into the melted white chocolate using my fingers.  I find it’s the best way for me. Use whatever method works best for you.  Let excess chocolate drip off then place on wire racks or parchment lined pans to set up/harden.
Immediately place the crushed candy cane on the tops of the bars. 
Let bars harden for at least a few hours.
This makes a small batch, about 15-20 bars, depending how you slice them.


  1. I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with YOU! OMG these are amazing and I am going to make them!

  2. These are fab! It's also pretty awesome that you got the rice krispies to stick/hold together with just the chocolate, no marshmallows or other binders like corn syrup, etc. And that white chocolate coating - I'd like to take a bath in that!

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