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 Baked Elements by Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito
The most amazing cookbook yet.  Baked Elements has homemade Devil Dogs with Malted Buttercream. I am so making these.
You need to own this cookbook!
And if you don't own it....stay tuned, as the Baked Boys and I are teaming up to giveaway 3 sets of their cookbooks.  Yes, 3 sets.
Three people will win a set of their cookbooks: Baked New Frontiers In Baking, Baked Explorations and Baked Elements.
Aren't they the best?  Love them for this.
Stay tuned!!

My Trader Joe finds:
is this good?
This is new.  Sounds like a party planning helper. 
A giant peppermint cake shaped like a cookie.  Great, now I have to buy it. 
This was the free sample of the day.  It was not that good.  Not truffle like at all.
These are new.  Did not buy them for fear of eating entire box.
Had to get these. I am such a peppermint junkie. These are really good!
This sounds so good. Who has tried it?
Can't wait to give these a go.
These are new. Haven't tried them yet.
These were pretty good!
These are really good. Normally you're supposed to grill them, but I experimented and put them in the crockpot (7 hours) with a large amount of hoisin sauce.  Delish!  Try it, you'll love it.
Who tried these? Like?
Afraid to get these, so I walked right by them.  Good thinking, I know I'd eat them all up!
These are fabulous as in a savory cheesecake crust.
And these are also perfect for a cheesecake crust.
Guess what's back??  Finally!
These are new.
Can't wait to experiment with this one!
Are these any good?
Any good?
How cute are these?  12 in a box is a snack to me.  They are small.
I think these are new and just might be dinner!

Around the web:
nice list of creative peppermint cocktails from bliss tree
tea: wellness in a cup from divine caroline
anti-depressants: how effective are they? from divine caroline
historical hair locks selling at auctions from NYTimes
original "blade runner" storyboards from flavorwire
holiday art book (different indeed) from bloomberg
mick jagger love letters hit the block at sotheby's from galleristNY
worlds smallest humidifier? from gizmodo
transcendental meditation, why people love it (do you?) from well & good nyc
how to create a surreal self-portrait that shows you holding you from petapixel
sriracha lip balm! (lol) from the oatmeal
$100 to know everything about your DNA from gizmodo
this is your brain on fatty foods from blisstree
what's really in that gatorade? from NYTimes
the charlie brown school of dance from youtube owen weber
fruitcake ice cream from serious eats
peppermint sugar cookie bars from cookies & cups
eggnog ny crumb cake from culinary concoctions by peabody
snickers fudge from pip & ebby
pomegranate tabbouleh from chow & chatter
gift guide for the pizza maker & pizza lover from serious eats
gift guide for chocoholics from serious eats
classic european nougat from serious eats (I am making this one)
orange & chocolate coconut macaroons from pastry studio
those NY times famous chocolate chip cookies, have you tried them yet?

cake kitchen paper placemats from west elm
spill proof sippy wine cups from givesimple.com
peppermint-coffee nutella french macarons from design, bake, run
chocolate whoppers from vintage kitchen notes

have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Dawn I am going to pack lunch, fill up my gas tank and get me to a Trader Joe's. It will probably take me a day, may have to sleep in my car... but your posts are driving me insane! Also those wine cups are a MUST and they are currently sold out:( but I will get them!!

  2. Spill proof sippy wine cups haha- love. I adore when people post items they have bought or seen at TJs! When you have a baby, its so hard to really take the time to look through everything at TJs. So many fun new products.

  3. I love Baked Bakery so much! I started making their pumpkin whoopie pies a few years ago and make them all the time. They might be my all time favorite recipe. Can't wait for the giveaway.

  4. I'm going to look into the sippy wine cups. I can think of lots of uses. I've made the NY Times Jacque Torres CC Cookies more times than I should admit. It's in my top ten cc cookie list. I can't wait for your BAKED give away as I only have one of the trilogy. But I also have "chocolate bar".

    1. I thought I recognized the Chocolate Whoppers. You've got to love Maida Heatter.

    2. Yes! I saw those cookies and had to include them!

  5. Gah! All three of those cookbooks are on my Amazon wishlist! I'd love to finally get a hold of them!

  6. So many neat things at Trader Joe's. Now I just need to convince them to open shop in Canada!

  7. Love, love, love Trader Joes! Have you ever tried their frozen chocolate croissants? I swear it's as good as the ones you get in France! You defrost the night before and let it rise on a pan, then bake the next morning! Great review! Happy Holidays, Dawn!


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