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It's Friday!

My latest finds at Trader Joe's:

Don't you love those free samples at Trader Joe's?
You know I hang out at that booth as long as I can.
Well this was the free sample of the day and it was heavenly.
This pizza or is it flatbread?  Tastes like a crispy thin pizza.  It's delish.  You must try this.
When you bake it at home, place it on the wire racks (or pizza stone), this way it gets nice and crispy.

I added on some artichoke hearts.  So good.
These were good.
Haven't tried this yet.  Have you? It sounds good.
On the fence with this one.  But I might give it a go if mixed with sushi rice (like on the package).
These were really dry. Like over-cooked dry.  Maybe I got a bad batch,  Good idea though.
These are dangerously good!
This was good. Needs more rice, but the taste was good.
I love this.  Dry, salty salami with a sharp cheese.  Mmmm.
If you ever need a new idea for a pesto add in--these spicy cashews are it!
I can't remember where I got these, but if you see them get them.  They are so good.  Spicy good.
Anyone tried these new coconut almonds from Blue Diamond?
These were on sale at Whole Foods--you know they were actually quite good.
Very deep chocolate flavor.
Speaking of Whole Foods--did you hear they are FINALLY coming to cape cod?  Yes yes indeed.
I am over the moon thrilled with this news.  They announced it on their Facebook page a few days ago.  I had to do a triple take when I read the words "Hyannis, MA".
I am their number one fan--they have no idea what they're in for do they?
Where in Hyannis?  I think, not 100% sure so don't quote me, but I think they are taking the old Borders store on Rt. 132.
I will keep you updated.  (lol)
And speaking of whole foods.  Should you need a last minute appetizer (or snack), you must try these.
So good.
Yes these are my PINK kitchen counters. Not by choice--came with the house.
Recently I spilled red food coloring on them.  Nothing was working to get the stain out, until someone
on twitter told me to try those Magic Erasers.
And it worked, perfectly. So now you know.
Perfectly clean.

Worlds skinniest house.

Iron rich fruits & veggies

Outside adventure film school

Bizarre celebrity homes

Skeletal remains found in upended tree

Be a "qualitarian" and eat your way to amazing health

Backpack camera system brings Google street view to grand canyon

DIY oyster crackers

I love hoe cakes, and I guess True Blood made them popular--again

Deep dish pumpkin pie w/ dulce de leche walnut streusel

5 foods to eat for happiness (blueberries need to be on there)

Wonderful add in's for chili

Fig & walnut crackers (sounds good!)

Chili & cornbread waffles!

Famous writers overcoming writers block

Cranberry curd bars with walnut shortbread

Buddhist monk is the worlds happiest man (there's proof!)

How to carve a turkey

10 life lessons from Forrest Gump (#4 is my favorite)

Man finds his doppelgänger at philadelphia museum of art

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have a trip to Whole Foods in the works for this afternoon...and I am SO seeing if they have those little pumpkin rice balls!

  2. Those peas are the ones that we live for! They are such a great snack.

  3. Magic erasers are amazing! Such a great product! Love TJs. I want to try those cashews. And those pretzel thins in all flavors are addictive

  4. The Tarte d'Alsace is particularly good when drizzled with balsamic glaze . . .

  5. I've tried some seaweed snacks from TJs and found them not to be very tasty. I bought a can of those coconut almonds after you tweeted a picture. Haven't tried them yet vut I think they'll be good.


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