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Happy Friday!

I got a special offer for you!


Tate's Bake Shop owner Kathleen King has come out with her first cookbook.
She was kind enough to offer a special price on this cookbook for my readers: $5.00 off!
Click here to purchase book using discount code: BAKEOFF

A quick peek inside the book.  I honestly thought it was all about cookies.  It isn't.
The cookbook consists of:
muffins, scones & shortcakes
tea loaves & quick breads
pies, tarts & crisps
party cakes & cupcakes
health & lifestyle baked goods
icing, frostings & sauces

pumpkin mousse pg. 82

blackout cupcakes pg. 169

cherry chip party cake pg. 153

chocolate almond biscotti pg. 146

Or if you don't want the cookbook, and just want to order their infamous cookies you can do that too.

AND Tate Bakes Shop has a Baking for Friends Bake-Off contest on Facebook -- where you could win $1000!

Here is a wonderful website for creative types: Creative Mornings.

Dog-Shaming!  How cute.

Pringles potato chips to come out with: pumpkin pie spice, white chocolate peppermint & cinnamon sugar?

A healthy-living power couple let us look inside their fridge.

Inflammation: the silent killer. Ways to reduce it.

Frosted mini wheats recall. May contain metals parts.  Parts?

Essential oils for muscle soreness.

Moth larvae infested Clif Bar! Gross!

Sweet potatoes to aid in weight loss?

These rugs by sonya winner will brighten up any room.

Wrist wallet.  Yes or no?

Say goodbye to keys, now you can unlock your door with your iphone.

10-12 gift wrap station
Gift wrap station. You know now that I have a house, I can actually do this--finally.

If you click on anything, click this: Best way to chop fresh herbs!

Best space heaters for 2012

The Queen of Versailles! A Shakespearean tragedy!

Paper pocket to wrangle loose cords.

Habits for a good night sleep. (any of these actually work?)

Surprising signs you need more sleep.

Do food cravings really indicate nutritional deficiency?

Tasting metal in your mouth?

The breath-stress relationship.  Very interesting read!

Banana-cream cheese muffins from Baked Bree

No bake pumpkin butter-oat bars.  From Healthy Food for Living.

Pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting. From Eclectic Recipes.

Nutella filled pumpkin bread. From Roxana Home Baking.

No-bake sweet potato cheesecakes! From How Sweet It Is.

As if there isn't enough pumpkin-ness to go around. Trader Joe's has pumpkin macarons.

I've already started enjoying the weekend early.
This is a peanut butter blast from Dairy Queen. I asked for extra peanut sauce.
Man that was good!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have the Tate's original cookbook and I absolutely love it! I want that pumpkin mousse! Happy weekend

  2. Love all the pumpkin links!

    And I have a Tate's Bake Sale cookbook that I got about a year ago - about 75 recipes specifically for bake-sale oriented desserts and it's fun for ideas. Thanks for the review on the new book.

  3. Loving these links! I NEED to hit up trader joe's for those macarons!

    Reading the sweet potato link made me feel so justified in eating a gazillion of them.


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