PB Boulangerie Bistro - S. Wellfleet, MA

Instead of the friday links I'd like to share with you one of my favorite places to nosh on french pastries, breads and croissants. I'm thankful we have this place, as the bakery scene on cape cod is not that great. PB Boulangerie on cape cod (S. Wellfleet, ma) is owned by Philippe Rispoli and Boris Villatte. Opened in March of 2010. Two friends, one a baker, one a chef. Both hail from France, with extensive culinary backgrounds. Rispoli working at many Michelin-star restaurants in France like Pierre Orsi and Paul Bocuse. He also worked with Daniel Boloud, and Charlie Palmer. Villatte also worked in france, alongside Eric Kayser and Alan Ducasse.
It’s no secret their culinary talents show through in the foods in the bakery and now the newest addition the bistro. A bistro serving up authentic french bistro fare.
The two have been lifelong friends, started working together at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Villate was the head baker for the Wynn Resort and Rispoli was in charge of the opening of Daniel Boloud’s Brasserie.
What brought them to cape cod, was Rispoli’s wife and her family have a summer home on cape cod. Eventually Villatte followed to cape cod, and the rest is history.
As of recently, there are plans for Villate to open another bakery in Falmouth.
PB Boulangerie located on cape cod, in south wellfleet, ma on 15 lecount hollow road, just off route 6. Not to be missed by any means, and if you see lines, it's worth the wait. They do have off off-season hours, but are limited, so check website before you go. And remember to take home a few baguettes (they freeze nicely!).



And when they first opened there were lines. A small place as this, in the middle of nowhere cape cod, there were lines. Amazing. But deep down I knew it would be busy. People, locals crave good food. They crave real bread, real croissants and the occasional pastry.
This is an authentic french bakery/bistro, with some of the best croissants outside of paris.
Finding a good croissant is impossible, unless you live in a big city. What's also nice is the prices aren't too high, reasonable for good food.




They grow all their own herbs.




Some of the best bread in the world paired with an excellent assortment of cheeses. Perfect.

The real reason I come here: the croissants.


The croissants are so good you should not use any jam on them; you need to savor the taste of the croissant all on its own.



The chocolate used in that tart was so rich, so deep--it left such an impression. I still remember that taste.

A chocolate-chocolate eclair. No words. Just no words. That chocolate cream was so clean, so fresh. The eclair had just the right amount of 'crunch' to it. Amazing.

Flaky croissant with a nice chunk of chocolate in the middle.

Even candies from france. I just adore this statue.



  1. thanks for the glimpse into your world AND I am always glad when I see small businesses just blossom & thrive!

  2. Wow, wish I'd known about this last week! I was on the outer cape for a week, staying in Provincetown. I love Wellfleet and Truro as well, such a beautiful part of the country.

  3. enjoyed this place last summer... hopefully i'll get back to the cape this year and stop there on my ride! (the first time i went to the end of the trail, i totally didn't realize this was around the corner. #fail)

  4. usually you're the one having location envy w me, but i have SO been wanting to be on the cape lately…even wearing my cape cod shirt today!

  5. For a minute there I thought PB referred to peanut butter and I was SO excited. But I'm still pretty excited by all of these flaky deliciously pastries.

  6. For one of the 50 women game-changers series I made a pudding with Carambars. Would you believe I ate my way through an entire package and had to go buy some more to do the recipe?

  7. What a cute place! I could go nuts in there.

  8. thanks for sharing...


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