lemon and vanilla oreo ice cream


Almost three years now we've been living in our new home. The first few weeks of living in my new home, each night, as I would fall asleep, I'd go through my mental list of "things to repair" in the home first. And each new week something new would be added to the list. You see back then, we had a tiny bit of extra money set aside to do minor repairs.
As those weeks turned into months, the things I wanted to fix for aesthetics turned into our quarterly property tax bill came in. And soon that list of things to repair went away--vanished.
We haven't done any repairs to the house; that list is now renamed "what needs to be fixed before the house caves in".
Sad but true. With the recent torrential downpours here in the northeast our gutters have been having quite the workout. This i know will be a very expensive repair.


On Tuesday we had something like three inches of rain in a matter of four hours. Unreal. And now as i type this, the weather report says sun for the next week (thank you!).
I know florida (the panhandle areas) had something like 17-24 inches of rain with tropical storm debby. Unreal.
Any of my readers from that area? How much rain did you get? Hopefully no damage to your house/basement/property?
Back a few months ago, I watched a program on the weather channel about long-term weather predictions (10-20 years) for the USA. In summary they said the northeast would have a few more feet of rain than whats been the norm, the midwest would have more storms (tornadoes), while the west would have more drought.
Curious if anyone else heard the same?


Onto the ice cream. Fact: I've never made a lemon ice cream. Not something I'd order either if I was out at an ice cream stand. Kind of like ginger ice cream--not really my thing. But throw some cookies in there and I'm game. Kidding.
In summer my body craves lemon, for whatever reason. Could be I'm deficient in vitamin C.
If lemon is your go-to ice cream then this recipe is for you.



If cookies don't sound appealing to you, then add in a nice blueberry coulis.


lemon & vanilla oreo ice cream
ice cream base adapted from tartletteblog.com
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Finely grated zest of 3 lemons
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
pinch of salt
1 cup whole milk
2 cups heavy cream
½ - ¾ cup vanilla Oreo’s, optional but wonderful

In a non-reactive bowl, mix the lemon zest, lemon juice and sugar. Cover bowl and refrigerate one to two hours to blend flavors (I did this overnight).

In a large bowl, slightly beat the egg yolks.
Heat milk to an “almost boil” in a large heavy saucepan.
Gently mix the hot milk into the eggs. You do this by starting with a teaspoon of hot milk and adding it to the eggs; and slowly by teaspoon-full to double teaspoon-full; all the while mixing/whisking mixture. Gradually build up to a tablespoon at a time until ¾ the hot milk is mixed in, then add in the rest and continue to whisk.
Pour this mixture back into the saucepan and heat up until the custard forms and/or coats the back of a spoon/spatula.
Place this in a bowl, let sit at room temp for about 15 minutes before covering and placing in fridge to chill for at least 2 hours.
When ready to churn: Combine chilled milk mixture with heavy cream.
Give your lemon mixture a good stir, then add this in with the milk mixture.
Pour into ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer's directions. The last five minutes of churning, add in the chopped vanilla oreo chunks.
Remove ice cream and place in freezer-safe bowl, cover and freeze until ice cream has set up.
Makes about 1 and ½ pints.


  1. This sounds so fresh and delicious!

    Not gonna lie, at first my brain interpreted the title as lemon vanilla ice cream + chocolate Oreos and I was like "hm!" But even that sounds interesting, no? :)

  2. Lemon and Oreos isn't one that I would think of normally but these pics...mmmm, perfect for summer (or ANY time!) :)

  3. You had me at lemon. Refreshing, creamy, and decadent. YUM!

  4. House repairs....ridiculous expensive. Hope the gutters don't turn out to be toooo expensive. I adore lemon flavored desserts. This is for me...with or without cookie!

  5. Somehow, I think sunlight makes me crave lemons. So I'm not sure that it's a vitamin C thing...who knows! All I know is that I want this in my belly. Now.

  6. I love lemons but have never had lemon ice cream. I also love Golden Oreos because I am allergic to chocolate and can't eat the regular ones. Can't wait to try this flavor combination.

  7. Vanilla oreo ice cream is different from the typical choc oreo and sounds amazing in combination with lemon flavor! Very nice!

  8. It rained for like 3 days straight here. Crazy stuff! Love the ice cream!

  9. Yum, tart lemons and crunch Oreos. Sounds heavenly. Especially since I am melting!

  10. Two years ago we had $30,000 of hail damage to our house, plus $4,000 damage to each of two cars. Our entire neighborhood had similar damage. It seemed like the repairs would never end with power hammers and saws all day long for months, but the result was that the whole neighborhood got updated.

  11. Delicious! What a lovely flavor combination.



  12. Great ice cream. We haunt had a lot of rain and could use some. It is going to be 100 degrees for the next few days and no rain in site here but I know Fl has just gotten killed with it. Home repairs can be such a nuisance....good luck with your gutters.

  13. ooh, i never would've put them together, but i can see how it works :) especially with blueberries! perhaps a sauce on top? can't wait to dry out!!

  14. Oooh! Love this flavor!

  15. This looks absolutely incredible. Thanks for a great recipe!

  16. I love Oreos and I love this ice cream! Pinned!

  17. i suddenly crave lemon ice cream, and i don't think that's ever happened before.

  18. Must find where in the basement I've buried my ice cream machine!

  19. Be careful with all of those storms and crazy weather! At least you had ice cream to keep you occupied. This ice cream sounds delicious, especially if you did add some ginger. Yum. Or gingerbread cookies instead of Oreos...Hmmm. Lots of fun ways to experiment!

  20. Agree with you on the lemon ice cream -- not something I'd normally go for, but in the summer I just can't get enough citrus. And I think I'd definitely love lemon ice cream over sorbet (it seems I see the latter much more often). Creamy lemon = yum!

    Weather is just crazy these days. I grew up in Central NY right on Lake Ontario where we typically have horrible winters with lake effect snow. The past few years it seems NYC/Philly areas have had worse storms than us!

  21. Oh yum, this looks so refreshing! Have you tried the golden Trader Joe-Joe sandwich cookies? I like them even better than golden oreos :)

  22. Your ice cream creations are my favorite part of visiting your blog. This one looks incredible. Can't wait to give it a try.


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